TED Speakers speakers

Hugh Herr Speaker
Hugh Herr
Leading Bionic Limbs Innovator, co-director of MIT Media Lab
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker
Ed Newton-Rex
Artificial Intelligence in Music Expert, Keynote Speaker
Natalie Fee Speaker
Natalie Fee
Environmental Campaigner
Kira Radinsky Speaker
Kira Radinsky
Chief Scientist & Director of Data Science, eBay
Lisa Bodell Speaker
Lisa Bodell
Globally Recognized Expert on Innovation and Leading Change
Tristan Harris Speaker
Tristan Harris
Design Ethicist & Entrepreneur
Haben Girma Speaker
Haben Girma
First Deafblind Graduate of Harvard Law School
Sam Harris Speaker
Sam Harris
Neuroscientist and Philosopher
Jonathan Creek Speaker
Jonathan Creek
Award winning Investigative Journalist
Rachel Abrams Speaker
Rachel Abrams
Award-Winning Physician Specializing in Integrative Health, Relationships and Sexuality
Stephen Trzeciak Speaker
Stephen Trzeciak
Physician, Scientist and Professor
Tembi Locke Speaker
Tembi Locke
Actor, and Creator of Kitchen Window
James Bridle Speaker
James Bridle
Author, artist and Technology Expert
Martin Adams Speaker
Martin Adams
Co-Founder & CEO @ Codec.ai
Dr. Edith Eva Eger Speaker
Dr. Edith Eva Eger
Acclaimed expert in trauma recovery, inspiring speaker, human dignity advocate, and author
Jennifer Brown Speaker
Jennifer Brown
Author, "Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change"
Philippe Van Parijs Speaker
Philippe Van Parijs
Philosopher and Political Economist
Rishabh Java Speaker
Rishabh Java
Inventor and creator of robots and technology driven solutions
Jude Kelly Speaker
Jude Kelly
Foremost thought leaders on gender, creativity, diversity and inclusion
Jeff Butler Speaker
Jeff Butler
Millennial Generational Expert

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