TED speakers

David Wengrow headshot
David Wengrow Speaker
David Wengrow
British Archaeologist and Author of New York Times Bestseller, The Dawn of Everything
Brian Glibkowski Speaker
Brian Glibkowski
CEO of Semplar Science Corp and author of "Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ"
Martin Warner Speaker
Martin Warner
Prolific Innovator and Inventor, CEO and Founder of Flix Premiere, Entrepreneur Seminar and Autonomous Flight
Anja Manuel Speaker
Anja Manuel
Co-Founder of Rice, Hadley, Gates & Manuel LLC, and author of 'This Brave New World: India, China and the United States"
Ravi Gurumurthy Speaker
Ravi Gurumurthy
Chief Executive Officer of Nesta
Kevin Chesters Speaker
Kevin Chesters
Leading Marketing Strategist and Co-Author of "The Creative Nudge"
Mary Aiken Speaker
Mary Aiken
World's leading forensic cyberpsychologist
Joy Buolamwini speaking
Joy Buolamwini Speaker
Joy Buolamwini
Poet of Code and Expert of AI Discrimination
Matthew Gitsham speaking at TED event
Matthew Gitsham Speaker
Matthew Gitsham
Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, Hult International Business School
Jillian Kowalchuk smiling
Jillian Kowalchuk Speaker
Jillian Kowalchuk
Award-winning Tech Founder
Frederik Imbo speaking on stage
Frederik Imbo Speaker
Frederik Imbo
Expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & communication and Founder of Imboorling
Ivan Krastev Speaker
Ivan Krastev
Award winning author and renowned Political Scientist
Emily Anhalt Speaker
Emily Anhalt
Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Coa: A Gym for the Mind
Ai Futaki Speaker
Ai Futaki
Double Guinness World Record-holder for the longest distances swam in one breath
Beau Lotto Speaker
Beau Lotto
Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Author of Deviate
Mellody Hobson Speaker
Mellody Hobson
President of Ariel Investments & Chairman of DreamWorks Animation
Roy Baumeister Speaker
Roy Baumeister
One of the World’s Most Prolific and Influential Psychologists
Elizabeth Loftus Speaker
Elizabeth Loftus
Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science and Law; Expert on Human Memory
Denise Lee Yohn
Denise Lee Yohn Speaker
Denise Lee Yohn
Brand Leadership Expert
James Wallman Speaker
James Wallman
Futurist, Experience Strategist, Author of the best seller - 'Time and How to Spend It'