Technology & Science speakers

Emma Wright Speaker
Emma Wright
Partner and expert in tech policy & innovation
Amrit Chandan Speaker
Amrit Chandan
Chemical engineer, entrepreneur & Forbes 30Under30
Jerry Kaplan Speaker
Jerry Kaplan
Jerry Kaplan, AI expert, entrepreneur and author.
Tilly Lockey Speaker
Tilly Lockey
Advocate for bionic technology and accessibility
kay firth butterfield
Kay Firth-Butterfield Speaker
Kay Firth-Butterfield
CEO of Good Tech Advisory & recipient of TIME 100 Impact Award (2024)
Kitty Liao Speaker
Kitty Liao
Visionary entrepreneur & engineer
Cody Paige Speaker
Cody Paige
Director of the Space Exploration Initiative, MIT Media Lab
Mick Ebeling Speaker
Mick Ebeling
Founder & CEO, Not Impossible Labs and Bento
Samantha Tauber Speaker
Samantha Tauber
Founder of VNCCII, a multimedia IP company
Kevin Fong Speaker
Kevin Fong
Expert in health, technology and human space exploration
Rita Martins Speaker
Rita Martins
Former Global Head of FinTech Partnerships at HSBC & author of "Web3 in Financial Services"
Sumana Rajarethnam Speaker
Sumana Rajarethnam
Spent 9 years as analyst, principal and director at the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Ulrike Franke Speaker
Ulrike Franke
Expert on European defence policy & the use of new technologies in warfare
Chris Heemskerk Speaker
Chris Heemskerk
Innovation Management Expert, Ex-Apple & Google Innovation Labs USA
steve fleming header
Steve Fleming Speaker
Steve Fleming
Neuroscientist & Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL
Pia Lauritzen Speaker
Pia Lauritzen
Danish philosopher and tech entrepreneur, Founder of Qvest
Christopher Obereder Speaker
Christopher Obereder
Forbes 30 Under 30 laureate.
Zack Kass Speaker
Zack Kass
AI Futurist & former Head of Go To Market at OpenAI
Mike Massimino Speaker
Mike Massimino
Former NASA Astronaut, NY Times Best Selling Author & Columbia University Professor
Garri Zmudze Speaker
Garri Zmudze
Investor and advisor for deep tech companies in wellbeing & longevity