Technology & Science speakers

Kristin Smith Speaker
Kristin Smith
Executive Director of the Blockchain Association
Koen Schobbers speaking
Koen Schobbers Speaker
Koen Schobbers
Gaming and esports expert
Xiaowei R. Wang Speaker
Xiaowei R. Wang
Artist, Writer, Organizer, Coder and Author of 'Blockchain Chicken Farm'
Ramesh Srinivasan Speaker
Ramesh Srinivasan
Expert on how ethical technology solutions can support innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Danny Lopez speaking.
Danny Lopez Speaker
Danny Lopez
CEO of award-winning cybersecurity firm Glasswall
Chris Mattmann Speaker
Chris Mattmann
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at NASA
Michael Osborne Speaker
Michael Osborne
Professor of Machine Learning at Oxford University. Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Mind Foundry Ltd
brian evergreen
Brian Evergreen Speaker
Brian Evergreen
Former AI Strategy Lead for Microsoft US
Geoffrey Hinton Speaker
Geoffrey Hinton
Time’s 100 Most Influential People in AI
Michal Kosinski Speaker
Michal Kosinski
Psychologist and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University
Anna Baird Speaker
Anna Baird
Executive Advisor, Google
Mark Mills speaking
Mark P. Mills Speaker
Mark P. Mills
Expert on Energy Transitions and Emerging Technologies
Gloria Mark Speaker
Gloria Mark
Visiting senior researcher, Microsoft Research
Zack Kass Speaker
Zack Kass
AI Futurist & former Head of Go To Market at OpenAI
Manisha Tank Speaker
Manisha Tank
Over 25 years experience as a news anchor and correspondent with major networks like Reuters, BBC, and CNN International.
Miriam Vogel Speaker
Miriam Vogel
President and CEO of EqualAI, Chair of NAIAC, Cohost of podcast In AI we Trust?
Dan Gardner Speaker
Dan Gardner
New York Times Bestselling Author
alex o brien
Alex O'Brien Speaker
Alex O'Brien
Vice-Chair of Association of British Science Writers
Konrad Bergström Speaker
Konrad Bergström
Tech entrepreneur & Founder of Zound Industries
Toby Lewis Speaker
Toby Lewis
Founding member of the National Cyber Security Centre.