Technology & Science speakers

Camille Fournier Speaker
Camille Fournier
Former Chief Technology Officer, Rent The Runway
Jimmy Chamberlin Speaker
Jimmy Chamberlin
Legendary musician and tech entrepreneur
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Jennifer Zhu Scott Speaker
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Founding Principal, Radian Partners
Gina Rippon Speaker
Gina Rippon
Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging
John Tolva Speaker
John Tolva
Expert on Information Technology
Michael Acton Smith Speaker
Michael Acton Smith
Co Founder and Co Executive Chairman of Calm
Tom Chatfield Speaker
Tom Chatfield
Commentator on Technology & Culture
Justin Massa Speaker
Justin Massa
Founder & President, Food Genius, Portfolio Director, IDEO
Kirby Ferguson Speaker
Kirby Ferguson
Viral Film Producer
Paul Markillie Speaker
Paul Markillie
World expert on the disruptive impact of new technologies
Daniel Thomas Speaker
Daniel Thomas
Executive News Editor at Financial Times
Kiran Gange Speaker
Kiran Gange
CEO and founder at AI-based company
Will Page speaking
Will Page Speaker
Will Page
Former Chief Economist at Spotify
Chris Barton Speaker
Chris Barton
Founder of Shazam - Tech Entrepreneur
James Stewart Speaker
James Stewart Speaker
James Stewart
Partner at Public Digital, Transformation, Digital and Technology Advisor, Co-founder UK Government Digital Service
Tony Fadell Speaker
Tony Fadell Speaker
Tony Fadell
Founder and Former CEO - Nest Labs (2010-16), Co-creator of the iPhone and iPhone, New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestseling Author of "Build"
Max Tegmark Speaker
Max Tegmark Speaker
Max Tegmark
Professor of Physics & AI Research - MIT, President of Future of Life Institute and Scientific Director of Foundational Questions Institute, Author of "Our Mathematical Universe" and "Life 3.0"
joe stringer speaking
Joe Stringer Speaker
Joe Stringer
Healthtech expert and investor
Philip Rosedale Speaker
Philip Rosedale
Founder of Second Life
Riana Lynn Speaker
Riana Lynn
Entrepreneur and food technologist