Technology & Science speakers

Jimmy Chamberlin Speaker
Jimmy Chamberlin
Legendary musician and tech entrepreneur
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Jennifer Zhu Scott Speaker
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Chairman of The Commons Project- former Principal, Radian Partners
Gina Rippon Speaker
Gina Rippon
Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging
John Tolva Speaker
John Tolva
Expert on Information Technology
Michael Acton Smith Speaker
Michael Acton Smith
Co Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of Calm
Tom Chatfield Speaker
Tom Chatfield
Commentator on Technology & Culture
Justin Massa Speaker
Justin Massa
Founder & President, Food Genius, Portfolio Director, IDEO
Kirby Ferguson Speaker
Kirby Ferguson
Viral Film Producer
Paul Markillie Speaker
Paul Markillie
World expert on the disruptive impact of new technologies
Shivvy Jervis Speaker
Shivvy Jervis
Expert in Digital Innovation
james beacham
James Beacham Speaker
James Beacham
Particle physicist and science storyteller
Gitanjali Rao Speaker
Gitanjali Rao Speaker
Gitanjali Rao
Changemaker, Inventor, Futurist and Stem Promoter, Award-winning Inventor of Tethys, Epione and Kindly, Author of "A Young Innovator's Guide to STEM"
Pranav Mistry Speaker
Pranav Mistry Speaker
Pranav Mistry
Computer Scientist, Inventor, Futurist and Visionary Innovator, Former President and CEO - STAR Labs (2012-21), Founder and CEO - TWO
Radia Perlman Speaker
Radia Perlman
Distinguished inventor, software designer and network engineer
Evan Selinger speaking
Evan Selinger Speaker
Evan Selinger
Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, specialising in tech ethics
Sal Khan Speaker
Sal Khan
Founder of The Khan Academyand the Khan Lab School
Sara Sabry Speaker
Sara Sabry
The First Egyptian Astronaut and first Arab woman in space
Nir Eyal Speaker
Nir Eyal
Best-selling author of 'Indistractable' and 'Hooked'
Christian Horner Speaker
Christian Horner
Team Principal and CEO of Red Bull F1 team.
Henrik von Scheel speaker
Henrik von Scheel Speaker
Henrik von Scheel
Leading strategist, Futurist and Industry 4.0 Originator