Technology Ethics – Regulation speakers

jorden woods headshot
Jorden Woods Speaker
Jorden Woods
Technologist & serial entrepreneur
Michael Osborne Speaker
Michael Osborne
Professor of Machine Learning at Oxford University. Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Mind Foundry Ltd
Geoffrey Hinton Speaker
Geoffrey Hinton
Time’s 100 Most Influential People in AI
Jacob Silverman Speaker
Jacob Silverman
Journalist focusing on technology’s impact on society
Michael Bhaskar Speaker
Michael Bhaskar
AI expert, researcher & entrepreneur
toju duke
Toju Duke Speaker
Toju Duke
Thought-leader, advisor, and author “Building Responsible AI Algorithms”
Kelly Forbes Speaker
Kelly Forbes
Executive Director of the AI Asia Pacific Institute
Dan Wang Speaker
Dan Wang
Technology analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics
Rumman Chowdhury Speaker
Rumman Chowdhury
A pioneer in the field of responsible and ethical AI
Michael Omoniyi headshot
Michael Omoniyi Speaker
Michael Omoniyi
Award-winning social entrepreneur, political commentator, and academic
Emma Briant speaking
Emma Briant Speaker
Emma Briant
Speaker on data-driven digital influence, information warfare and contemporary propaganda.
Aza Raskin Speaker
Aza Raskin
Cofounder for The Earth Species Project (ESP) and cofounder of Center for Humane Technology - Entrepreneur
Martin Chorzempa Speaker
Martin Chorzempa
Expert on financial technology and digital currency
Albert Fox Cahn Speaker
Albert Fox Cahn
Keynote speaker on the future of technology and surveillance
Evan Selinger speaking
Evan Selinger Speaker
Evan Selinger
Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, specialising in tech ethics
Susie alegre header photo
Susie Alegre Speaker
Susie Alegre
International human rights lawyer
Effy Vayena Speaker
Effy Vayena​ Speaker
Effy Vayena​
Professor of Bioethics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Founder of the Health Ethics and Policy Lab
Marc Goodman Speaker
Marc Goodman
Global Security Strategies and Technology Expert
Liv Boeree Speaker
Liv Boeree Speaker
Liv Boeree
Former professional poker player and philanthropist
Eliot Higgins Speaker
Eliot Higgins
Founder of Investigative Journalism Platform 'Bellingcat'