Resilience and Wellbeing speakers

Yip Pin Xiu Speaker
Yip Pin Xiu
Five-time Paralympic gold medallist and world record holder
Dom troulan
Dom Troulan Speaker
Dom Troulan
Former British Army Major and UK special forces
Jamie Cochran Speaker
Jamie Cochran
COO Echelon Front, Keynote Speaker & Leadership Instructor
Christine Hassler Speaker
Christine Hassler
Expert on Millennials and cross-generational issues, change, motivation, leadership, personal development and women in business.
Susie alegre header photo
Susie Alegre Speaker
Susie Alegre
International human rights lawyer
Maria Witchell_Adventure
Maria Witchell Speaker
Maria Witchell
Polar Explorer, ex-Special Forces Army officer, MI5 operative and former professional kidnap & ransom negotiator
Leah Williamson
Kiera Walsh Speaker
Kiera Walsh
England and Manchester City Women midfielder
Leah Williamson
Leah Williamson Speaker
Leah Williamson
England Lionesses Captain
rupal patel header image
Rupal Patel Speaker
Rupal Patel
Former CIA Officer and Business Advisor
joe stringer speaking
Joe Stringer Speaker
Joe Stringer
Healthtech expert and investor
Ruben Gonzalez Speaker
Ruben Gonzalez Speaker
Ruben Gonzalez
Four time Winter Olympian, Award Winning TEDx Speaker, Bestselling author - "The Courage to Succeed", "Becoming Unstoppable" and "The Inner Game of Success"
Nick O'Sullivan Speaker
Nick O'Sullivan
Leadership and Management Specialist
Emma Seppala Speaker
Emma Seppala Speaker
Emma Seppala
Best-selling Author of "The Happiness Track", Best-selling Author of "The Happiness Track", Science Director - Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education
David Brambell Speaker
David Brambell
Executive Coach and Strategic Consultant
Saroo Brierley Speaker
Saroo Brierley
Inspiration behind the award-winning film, 'Lion'
Mel Robbins Speaker
Mel Robbins
Behavioral Change Expert and Author of "The 5 Second Rule"
Carol Dweck Speaker
Carol Dweck
Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science
Winston Clements Speaker
Winston Clements Speaker
Winston Clements
Global Keynote Speaker and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
Naomi Shragai Speaker
Naomi Shragai
Psychotherapist and critically acclaimed author
Aaron Balick Speaker
Aaron Balick Speaker
Aaron Balick
Director, Stillpoint Spaces London, and UKCP Media Spokesperson