Psychology speakers

Sam Harris Speaker
Sam Harris
Neuroscientist and Philosopher
Tim Harford Speaker
Tim Harford
Behavioural Economics at its most fascinating
Timothy Devinney Speaker
Timothy Devinney
Leadership professional and proposer of the Ethical Consumer
Michael Bloomfield Speaker
Michael Bloomfield
Creativity and Innovation Expert
Dr. Michelle Rozen Speaker
Dr. Michelle Rozen
Global Authority on Change
Tali Sharot Speaker
Tali Sharot
Leading expert on human decision-making
Ben Voyer Speaker
Ben Voyer
L'Oreal Professor of Marketing
Patrick Melville Speaker
Patrick Melville
Well-being and wellness expert
Jennifer Richeson Speaker
Jennifer Richeson
Social Psychologist & MacArthur Fellow
Mads Korsgaard Speaker
Mads Korsgaard
Danish psychologist and author specialized in the psychology of creativity
Melissa Harris-Perry Speaker
Melissa Harris-Perry
Award-winning Author and Former MSNBC Television Host
Kenneth J. Sufka Speaker
Kenneth J. Sufka
Teacher & Author of "The A Game: Nine Steps To Better Grades"
Meg Jay Speaker
Meg Jay
Clinical psychologist
Jordan Peterson Speaker
Jordan Peterson
Award-Winning Clinical Psychologist
Maurice Schweitzer Speaker
Maurice Schweitzer
Management Expert and Professor
Adam Galinsky Speaker
Adam Galinsky
Social Psychologist & Author
Barbara Reich Speaker
Barbara Reich
Professional Organizer & Author
Madeline Levine Speaker
Madeline Levine
Psychologist & Author
Susan Cain Speaker
Susan Cain
Author and Co-founder of Quiet Revolution
Penny Mallory Speaker
Penny Mallory
One of the most successful women Rally Drivers and the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car