Psychology speakers

Susan Cain Speaker
Susan Cain
Author and Co-founder of Quiet Revolution
Penny Mallory Speaker
Penny Mallory
One of the most successful women Rally Drivers and the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car
Edvard Moser Speaker
Edvard Moser
Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
Susan David Speaker
Susan David
Harvard Medical School Psychologist & Author of "Emotional Agility"
Shawn Achor Speaker
Shawn Achor
Happiness Researcher, Author, Speaker
Oliver James Speaker
Oliver James
Chartered psychologist, writer and broadcaster
Alison Gopnik Speaker
Alison Gopnik
Child Psychologist, Writer and Philosopher
Ian Leslie Speaking at an event
Ian Leslie Speaker
Ian Leslie
Acute Observer of How we Behave
Paul Craven presenting
Paul Craven Speaker
Paul Craven
Well-known industry speaker on Behavioural Science and Finance