Global Health speakers

AC Grayling Speaker
AC Grayling
Philosopher, Educationalist & Ethicist
Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Jacqueline Novogratz Speaker
Jacqueline Novogratz
Founder & CEO of Acumen
Anderson Cooper Speaker
Anderson Cooper
Popular International News Correspondent
Nancy Brinker Speaker
Nancy Brinker
Ambassador & Leader Behind Global Breast Cancer Movement
Jill Bolte Taylor Speaker
Jill Bolte Taylor
Leading Brain Expert
David Suzuki Speaker
David Suzuki
Mehmet Oz Speaker
Mehmet Oz
Renowned Surgeon & Host of The Dr. Oz Show
Chris Parry Speaker
Chris Parry
Leading Geopolitical & Military Analyst
Lanhee Chen Speaker
Lanhee Chen
2012 Policy Chief to Mitt Romney
Sarah Harper Speaker
Sarah Harper
World-leading Expert on Population Ageing and Advisor to European and Asian governments
Keith Ablow Speaker
Keith Ablow
Acclaimed Mental Health Expert
Matt Ridley Speaker
Matt Ridley
Best-selling Author, "The Rational Optimist"

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