Global Health speakers

Regina Barzilay Speaker
Regina Barzilay
Distinguished Professor for AI and Health at MIT
Ziad Obermeyer Speaker
Ziad Obermeyer
Blue Cross of California Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley
amelia hemphill
Amelia Hemphill Speaker
Amelia Hemphill
Journalist and presenter
Karen Bakker Speaker
Karen Bakker
Author and Conservation Technology Researcher
Koen Kas speaking
Koen Kas Speaker
Koen Kas
Healthcare futurist & entrepreneur
Yanzhong Huang Speaker
Yanzhong Huang
Global Health Specialist and Senior Fellow for Global Health at Council on Foreign Relations
michael sheldrick speaking
Michael Sheldrick Speaker
Michael Sheldrick
Co-Founder of Global Citizen
Effy Vayena Speaker
Effy Vayena​ Speaker
Effy Vayena​
Professor of Bioethics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Founder of the Health Ethics and Policy Lab
joe stringer speaking
Joe Stringer Speaker
Joe Stringer
Healthtech expert and investor
Riana Lynn Speaker
Riana Lynn
Entrepreneur and food technologist
Jose Graziano da Silva Speaker
Jose Graziano da Silva
Former Director General of the FAO
Jayson Lusk Speaker
Jayson Lusk
Food & Agricultural Economist
Adam Rutherford Speaker
Adam Rutherford
British Professor of Genetics and Biosciences and Sunday Times bestselling author
Graham Medley Speaker
Graham Medley Speaker
Graham Medley
Director, Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases
Manu Prakash Speaker
Manu Prakash
Award-winning physical biologist and Inventor of "Foldscope"
Tal Ben-Shahar Speaker
Tal Ben-Shahar
Best-Selling Author and Positive Psychology Expert
Matt Hancock Speaker
Matt Hancock
Conservative Politician and UK Health Secretary (2018-21)
Danny Yeung Speaker
Danny Yeung
CEO of Prenetics
Catherine Green Speaker
Catherine Green
Associate Professor in Chromosome Dynamics at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, who developed Oxford Covid-19 vaccine
Sarah Gilbert Speaker
Sarah Gilbert
Saïd Professor of Vaccinology, University of Oxford, who led the development of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine