Global Health speakers

Dr. Paul Morland Speaker
Dr. Paul Morland
Expert in Demographics
Janine di Giovanni Speaker
Janine di Giovanni
Award winning author and foreign policy analyst
David Nicholson Speaker
David Nicholson
DNA Scientist and Expert
John Nosta Speaker
John Nosta
President at NostaLab - Digital Health Think Tank
Emily Penn Speaker
Emily Penn
Environmental Campaigner
Doug Woodring Speaker
Doug Woodring
Innovative Ocean Advocate and Conservationist
Joel Selanikio Speaker
Joel Selanikio
Practicing physician, technologist, emergency responder, and entrepreneur
Elizabeth Cohen Speaker
Elizabeth Cohen
Senior medical correspondent and television news journalist for CNN
Andrew Lawler Speaker
Andrew Lawler
Freelance Journalist and Contributing Editor of Archaeology Magazine
Peter Diamandis Speaker
Peter Diamandis
Chairman & CEO, X PRIZE Foundation
David Dosa Speaker
David Dosa
Practicing Geriatrician and Specialist in Alzheimer's Treatment
Jennifer Finney Boylan Speaker
Jennifer Finney Boylan
New York Times Columnist & Transgender Rights Pioneer
Amanda Bennett Speaker
Amanda Bennett
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist
Susan Cain Speaker
Susan Cain
Author and Co-founder of Quiet Revolution
Maggie Anderson Speaker
Maggie Anderson
Co-Founder and CEO of the The Empowerment Experiment
Tamika Mallory Speaker
Tamika Mallory
Social Justice Leader, Advocate & Activist
Dr. Willie Parker Speaker
Dr. Willie Parker
Physician and Reproductive Justice Advocate
Delos Cosgrove Speaker
Delos Cosgrove
President and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic
Riccardo Sabatini Speaker
Riccardo Sabatini
Genomics, drug design and Artificial Intelligence expert.
Richard Resnick Speaker
Richard Resnick
Technology Futurist