Philanthropy & Ethics speakers

Niall McCann Speaker
Niall McCann
British Adventurer & Biologist
Anthony Seldon Speaker
Anthony Seldon
Influential Educationalist
Robert D. Putnam Speaker
Robert D. Putnam
Harvard Social Scientist
Charles Orgbon Speaker
Charles Orgbon
Youth Engagement Expert & Environmental Activist
Arunima Sinha Speaker
Arunima Sinha
World’s first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest
Ronald Cohen Speaker
Ronald Cohen
Pioneering philanthropist, venture capitalist, private equity investor and social innovator
Jill Shaw Ruddock Speaker
Jill Shaw Ruddock
Author, "The Second Half of Your Life"
William Hague Speaker
William Hague
Former Secretary of State
Gerd Gigerenzer Speaker
Gerd Gigerenzer
Expert on Decision Making
Jeffrey Deskovic Speaker
Jeffrey Deskovic
Exoneree & Advocate for Wrongful Convictions
Chris Gardner Speaker
Chris Gardner
Best-selling Author, "The Pursuit of Happyness"
Sallie Krawcheck Speaker
Sallie Krawcheck
The Most Powerful Woman on Wall Street
Michael Forsyth Speaker
Michael Forsyth
Expert on the Future of the United Kingdom
Priya Lakhani Speaker
Priya Lakhani
Ambitious & Creative Entrepreneur 
Tom Deans Speaker
Tom Deans
Thought Leader on Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
Anne Wojcicki Speaker
Anne Wojcicki
Co-founder & CEO, 23andMe
Leta Hong Fincher Speaker
Leta Hong Fincher
Journalist on Gender Inequality in China
Will Allen Speaker
Will Allen
Urban Farmer & CEO of Growing Power
Rob Lilwall Speaker
Rob Lilwall
Singapore-based National Geographic Adventurer
Joanna Lumley Speaker
Joanna Lumley
One of Britain’s Favourite Actresses