Motivational speakers

Shaun Ross Speaker
Shaun Ross
Actor and Male Model
Haben Girma Speaker
Haben Girma
First Deafblind Graduate of Harvard Law School
Scott Mautz Speaker
Scott Mautz
Business Inspirational Speaker & Expert in Employee Engagement
Sam Harris Speaker
Sam Harris
Neuroscientist and Philosopher
Owen O'Kane Speaker
Owen O'Kane
Former NHS Clinical Lead
Samuel Woolley Speaker
Samuel Woolley
Writer, researcher and speaker who focuses on the study of disinformation, emergent technology and communication
Colin Maclachlan Speaker
Colin Maclachlan
Former Special Forces soldier
Charlotte Clymer Speaker
Charlotte Clymer
Transgender woman & Former Press Secretary, The Human Rights Campaign
Rachel Abrams Speaker
Rachel Abrams
Award-Winning Physician Specializing in Integrative Health, Relationships and Sexuality
Tembi Locke Speaker
Tembi Locke
Actor, and Creator of Kitchen Window
Vinita Ramtri Speaker
Vinita Ramtri
Author of "C-Tunes: How to Keep up with Conduct in the Post-Crisis World"
Linda Alvarado Speaker
Linda Alvarado
President and CEO of Alvarado Construction, Inc. and co-owner of the Colorado Rockies baseball team
Common Speaker
Academy Award-Winner and Author
Christopher Howell Speaker
Christopher Howell
Creativity coach and Member of The Magic Circle
Dr. Edith Eva Eger Speaker
Dr. Edith Eva Eger
Acclaimed expert in trauma recovery, inspiring speaker, human dignity advocate, and author
Dorothy Butler Gilliam Speaker
Dorothy Butler Gilliam
Legendary civil rights journalist and activist
Lee Spencer Speaker
Lee Spencer
Former Royal Marine Commando
Mark Pattison Speaker
Mark Pattison
Former NFL player, successful entrepreneur and mountaineer
Susan Dentzer Speaker
Susan Dentzer
Healthcare Policy Analyst &Thought Leader, Journalist, Keynote Speaker
Michael Bloomfield Speaker
Michael Bloomfield
Creativity and Innovation Expert

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