Moderators & Presenters speakers

James Corden Speaker
James Corden
Television Host
Carl Bernstein Speaker
Carl Bernstein
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
Jane Mayer Speaker
Jane Mayer
Investigative Journalist/Author
Tony Robbins Speaker
Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author & Life and Business Strategist
Angela Rye Speaker
Angela Rye
NPR Political Analyst and CNN Political Commentator
Oli Barrett Speaker
Oli Barrett
Entrepreneur and Moderator
Bettany Hughes Speaker
Bettany Hughes
Historian and Broadcaster
David McCullough Speaker
David McCullough
Pulitzer Prize Winning Author & Historian
Steve Richards Speaker
Steve Richards
Award Winning Political Commentator
Josh Altman Speaker
Josh Altman
Entrepreneur & Star of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing
Julian "J.R." Jackson
Youngest HLN TV Contributor & Contributor to CBS Sports
Nely Galán Speaker
Nely Galán
Former President of Telemundo & Emmy-Award Television Producer
Daymond John Speaker
Daymond John
Entrepreneur and Star of ABC's Shark Tank
George Parker Speaker
George Parker
Political Editor at The Financial Times
Ian Birrell Speaker
Ian Birrell
British Foreign Correspondent and Award Winning Journalist
Tom Gash Speaker
Tom Gash
Author of "Criminal: The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things" (2016), Shortlisted for the Times "Thought book of the Year"
Caroline Webb Speaker
Caroline Webb
Management Consultant, Economist and Renowned Leadership Coach
Jeremy Thompson Speaker
Jeremy Thompson
Former Sky News Anchor
Richard Brookhiser Speaker
Richard Brookhiser
Historian, Biographer and Journalist at the National Review and New York Observer
Steve Young Speaker
Steve Young
Hall of Fame Quarterback & Expert on Communication

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