Moderators & Presenters speakers

Lillian Pierson Speaker
Lillian Pierson
Data consultant to Fortune 500 companies
Jeremy Hobson Speaker
Jeremy Hobson
Host, NPR's Midday News Magazine "Here & Now"
Susan Dentzer Speaker
Susan Dentzer
Healthcare Policy Analyst &Thought Leader, Journalist, Keynote Speaker
Jeremy Warner Speaker
Jeremy Warner
One of Britain's foremost financial, economic and business journalists
Alicia Navarro Speaker
Alicia Navarro
President & Co-Founder at Skimlinks
Rob Koepp Speaker
Rob Koepp
Director of The Economist Corporate Network in Hong Kong
Evy Poumpouras Speaker
Evy Poumpouras
Former Special Agent of the United States Secret Service
Bridget Kendall Speaker
Bridget Kendall
BBC Correspondent and Russia Expert
Annabelle Gurwitch Speaker
Annabelle Gurwitch
Popular Television Host and Storyteller
Kim Davis Speaker
Kim Davis
Highly influential and in-demand writer, producer, and presenter
Christian Fraser Speaker
Christian Fraser
TV Journalist and Presenter
Bill Persky Speaker
Bill Persky
Emmy Award-Winning Writer, Director & Producer
Rick Newman Speaker
Rick Newman
Columnist, Yahoo Finance
Tom Leopold Speaker
Tom Leopold
Veteran TV Comedy Writer
Jeff Jarvis Speaker
Jeff Jarvis
Creator and Founding Editor, Entertainment Weekly Magazine
Charles Gasparino Speaker
Charles Gasparino
Senior Correspondent, Fox Business Network
Bret Easton Ellis Speaker
Bret Easton Ellis
Internationally Acclaimed Best-Selling Author
James Corden Speaker
James Corden
Television Host
Carl Bernstein Speaker
Carl Bernstein
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
Jane Mayer Speaker
Jane Mayer
Investigative Journalist/Author

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