Moderators & Chairpersons speakers

Lucy Siegle Speaker
Lucy Siegle
Opinion Leader, keynote speaker and moderator on climate, environment and nature issues
Jason Gardner Speaker
Jason Gardner
Former U.S. Navy SEAL & Combat Leader
Johnny Quinn Speaker
Johnny Quinn
Former U.S. Olympian & Pro Athlete
Glennon Doyle Speaker
Glennon Doyle
Author and activist known for her #1 New York Times bestsellers Untamed and Love Warrior
Swati Thiyagarajan Speaker
Swati Thiyagarajan
Filmmaker & Environment Journalist
Craig Foster Speaker
Craig Foster
Academy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, My Octopus Teacher
Yuri Bender Speaker
Yuri Bender
Editor-in-Chief of the Professional Wealth Management global magazine at the Financial Times
David Meade Speaker
David Meade
Mentalist and Outstanding Keynote Speaker
Freddie Sayers Speaker
Freddie Sayers
Executive Editor at UnHerd, one of the UK's most successful new media companies
Edward Luce Speaker
Edward Luce
U.S. National Editor, Financial Times
Daniel Burrus Speaker
Daniel Burrus
Leading Futurist Speakers on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation
Kirstie Allsopp Speaker
Kirstie Allsopp
British TV Presenter
Matt Tebbutt Speaker
Matt Tebbutt
Television Food Presenter ; British Chef
Douglas Laux Speaker
Douglas Laux
Former War Zone Case Officer, CIA & Assessor on Bravo Channel's "Spy Games"
Will Scully Speaker
Will Scully
Former member of the British Army's SAS
Patrick Sweeney Speaker
Patrick Sweeney
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and World-Record Holder
Martina Fuchs Speaker
Martina Fuchs
Former financial journalist and TV Anchor for CNNMoney Switzerland
Steve Thomas Speaker
Steve Thomas
Former Host of the PBS home renovation series, This Old House
Lillian Pierson Speaker
Lillian Pierson
Data consultant to Fortune 500 companies
Jeremy Hobson Speaker
Jeremy Hobson
Host, NPR's Midday News Magazine "Here & Now"