Military speakers

Lee Spencer Speaker
Lee Spencer
Former Royal Marine Commando
Paul Wood Speaker
Paul Wood
Head of Security Innovation at Lloyds Banking Group
Mike Ling Speaker
Mike Ling
Longest serving Red Arrows pilot
Ben Williams Speaker
Ben Williams
Former Royal Marine Commando
Chris Robinson Speaker
Chris Robinson
Dealing with Adversity; over 23 years served in British Army
Alan Chambers Speaker
Alan Chambers
Former Royal Marine Commando of 17 years
Emma Sky Speaker
Emma Sky
Director, Greenberg World Fellows Program
Chuck Rosenberg Speaker
Chuck Rosenberg
Former Administrator (Director), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) (2015-2017)
Leif Babin Speaker
Leif Babin
Highly decorated former Navy SEAL officer
Jocko Willink Speaker
Jocko Willink
Highly decorated retired Navy SEAL officer
Dave Henson Speaker
Dave Henson
Deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as a Royal Engineer Search Advisor
Matthew Whitfield Speaker
Matthew Whitfield
Former naval fighter pilot
Richard Shirreff Speaker
Richard Shirreff
International leader and commander
Col. Nicole Malachowski Speaker
Col. Nicole Malachowski
Air Force Pilot, White House Fellow and Advisor
Adrian Bradshaw Speaker
Adrian Bradshaw
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander NATO Europe (2014-17)
Massimo Tammaro Speaker
Massimo Tammaro
Expert on Business Strategy and Management
Simon Harmer
Simon Harmer Speaker
Simon Harmer
Combat Medical Technician in the British Army
Tim Collins Speaker
Tim Collins
Former officer in the British Army
Kim Hughes Speaker
Kim Hughes
British Army bomb disposal expert
Chris Paton Speaker
Chris Paton
Expert strategist and corporate wargame practitioner

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