Leadership speakers

Miriam Vogel Speaker
Miriam Vogel
President and CEO of EqualAI, Chair of NAIAC, Cohost of podcast In AI we Trust?
Antonia Opiah Speaker
Antonia Opiah
Digital storyteller and founder of Un-ruly
Michele Rigby Assad Speaker
Michele Rigby Assad
Former CIA Undercover Operative & Counterterrorism Specialist
Head and Heart
Kirstin Ferguson Speaker
Kirstin Ferguson
Internationally acclaimed leadership expert, bestselling author, and business leader
Silvana Tenreyro Speaker
Silvana Tenreyro
Professor of Economics at LSE
Brendan Hall Speaker
Brendan Hall
Winning skipper of an around the world yacht race
Dan Hunt Speaker
Dan Hunt
Performance Director at The Premier League, implementing youth development systems.
Culture Is The Way
Matt Mayberry Speaker
Matt Mayberry
WSJ Bestselling Author, Former NFL Player, Ranked Top 30 Leadership Expert (Global Gurus)
Joan Lunden
Joan Lunden Speaker
Joan Lunden
Award-Winning Journalist, Former Co-Host of ABC's Good Morning America, Bestselling Author, Breast Cancer Survivor
Amanda Gore Speaker
Amanda Gore
CEO of The Joy Project, Author & Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker
Emma Hayes Speaker
Emma Hayes
First Female manager to win the Women’s FA Cup three times.
Fredrik Reinfeldt Speaker
Fredrik Reinfeldt
Former Prime Minister of Sweden and leader of the Moderate Party.
Craig Oliver Speaker
Craig Oliver
Former Director of Politics and Communications for David Cameron
Ritu Karidhal Speaker
Ritu Karidhal
Deputy Operations Director for Mangalyaan, India's first Mars orbital mission.
Kyle Scheele speaking
Kyle Scheele Speaker
Kyle Scheele
Creativity and Innovation Keynote Speaker. Champion of Crazy Ideas.
Martin Eberhard Speaker
Martin Eberhard
Co-founder of Tesla Motors
Martina Navratilova Speaker
Martina Navratilova
18 Grand Slam Singles Titles
Ben Caldecott Speaker
Ben Caldecott
Founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group
Rorke Denver speaking
Rorke Denver Speaker
Rorke Denver
Former Navy SEAL Commander, bestselling author
Jon White Speaker
Jon White
Top Level Para-athlete, Former Royal Marine