Leadership speakers

Heizo Takenaka Speaker
Heizo Takenaka
Specialist on the Japanese Economy
Mark Gallagher Speaker
Mark Gallagher Speaker
Mark Gallagher
Formula One Industry Expert
Kevin Gaskell Speaker
Kevin Gaskell
Active Investor & Leadership Expert
Manley Hopkinson Speaker
Manley Hopkinson
Authority on "Compassionate Leadership"
Sahar Hashemi Speaker
Sahar Hashemi
Thought leader on entrepreneurial behaviour in large organisations
Ricardo Lagos Speaker
Ricardo Lagos
Former President of Chile
Pete Cohen Speaker
Pete Cohen
Leading Corporate Performance Speaker
Xavier Hughes Speaker
Xavier Hughes
Chief Innovation Officer, US Department of Labor
Hung Huang Speaker
Hung Huang
One of China’s Most Popular Microbloggers
Rachel Botsman header
Rachel Botsman Speaker
Rachel Botsman
Global Trust Expert, and Oxford University Lecturer
Ann Daniels Speaker
Ann Daniels
One of Britain’s Leading Female Explorers
Rupert Merson Speaker
Rupert Merson
Authority on Business Growth
Harry Korine Speaker
Harry Korine
Expert on Corporate Governance & Strategy Development
Bernhard Kerres Speaker
Bernhard Kerres
Expert Speaker on Music & Management
Tom Deans Speaker
Tom Deans
Thought Leader on Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
Juliette Johnson Speaker
Juliette Johnson
Experienced Family Business Adviser
Kenneth Clarke Speaker
Kenneth Clarke
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Ruud Gullit Speaker
Ruud Gullit
One of the greatest footballers of his generation
Josh Linkner Speaker
Josh Linkner
Tech Entrepreneur & Creativity Expert
Brian Forde Speaker
Brian Forde
Director of Digital Currency, MIT Media Lab