Leadership speakers

Darnell Moore Speaker
Darnell Moore
Director of Inclusion Strategy for Content & Marketing, Netflix
Marcus Orlovsky Speaker
Marcus Orlovsky
Social Entrepreneur and expert on leadership and change
Michael Acton Smith Speaker
Michael Acton Smith
Co Founder and Co CEO of Calm
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Jennifer Zhu Scott Speaker
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Founding Principal, Radian Partners
Simon Kuper
Simon Kuper Speaker
Simon Kuper
Expert on the Business of Football
Nick Southgate Speaker
Nick Southgate
Leading Behavioural Economist
Rupert Smith Speaker
Rupert Smith
Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO
Philip Delves Broughton Speaker
Philip Delves Broughton
Management Expert
Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Rita McGrath Speaker
Rita McGrath
One of the world's leading management thinkers
Chris Sembroski Speaker
Chris Sembroski
Astronaut, SpaceX Inspiration4 human spaceflight mission
Peter Hinssen Speaker
Peter Hinssen Speaker
Peter Hinssen
Author of "The New Normal" and "The Day After Tomorrow"
Viv Groskop Speaker
Viv Groskop Speaker
Viv Groskop
Bestselling author "How to Own the Room" and "I Laughed, i Cried"
Therese Gedda Speaker
Therese Gedda Speaker
Therese Gedda
Award-winning Founder & CEO of Reimaginez
Ariane De Bonvoisin Speaker
Ariane De Bonvoisin Speaker
Ariane De Bonvoisin
High Performance and Well Being Coach for Founders & Startups
Mel Robbins Speaker
Mel Robbins
Behavioral Change Expert and Author of "The 5 Second Rule"
Bill Walshe Speaker
Bill Walshe
Chief Executive Officer, Viceroy Hotel Group
Kersti Kaljulaid header image
Kersti Kaljulaid Speaker
Kersti Kaljulaid
President of the Republic of Estonia between 2016-2021
Naomi Shragai Speaker
Naomi Shragai
Psychotherapist and critically acclaimed author
Jimmy Soni Speaker
Jimmy Soni
Author of 'The Founders'