International Affairs & Security speakers

Clay Chandler Speaker
Clay Chandler
Leading Analyst of Asia's Key Economies
Stein Ringen Speaker
Stein Ringen
Authority on Democratic Quality & "Good Government"
Bettina Wassener Speaker
Bettina Wassener
Leading Moderator on Asian Affairs
José Manuel Barroso Speaker
José Manuel Barroso
Former EU Commission President
Robyn Meredith Speaker
Robyn Meredith
Thought Leader on Asian Affairs & Geopolitics
Richard Barrett Speaker
Richard Barrett
Former Head of MI6 Counter-Terrorism
Michael McFaul Speaker
Michael McFaul
Former US Ambassador to Russia
Anders Fogh Rasmussen Speaker
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Former Secretary General, NATO
Jamie Bartlett Speaker
Jamie Bartlett
Specialist in Online Culture & Technology
Oren Yakobovich Speaker
Oren Yakobovich
Human-rights Activist & Social Entrepreneur
Michael Oren Speaker
Michael Oren
Former Israeli Ambassador, United States
Justin Marozzi Speaker
Justin Marozzi
Expert commentator on ISIS and conflict in the Middle East
Patrick French Speaker
Patrick French
Specialist on the Future of India
Ernst-Jörg von Studnitz Speaker
Ernst-Jörg von Studnitz
Former German Ambassador to Russia
Eric Cantor Speaker
Eric Cantor
Former Majority Leader, US House of Representatives
Dominique Moïsi Speaker
Dominique Moïsi
French Political Scientist and Writer
Xuewu Gu Speaker
Xuewu Gu
Expert on the social, economic and political ambitions of contemporary China
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Speaker
Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Former President of Brazil
John Lee Speaker
John Lee
Prolific Commentator on Chinese & South East Asian Affairs
Tom Newton Dunn Speaker
Tom Newton Dunn
Political Editor, The Sun

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