International Affairs & Security speakers

Ricardo Lagos Speaker
Ricardo Lagos
Former President of Chile
Pierre Noël
Leading Energy Market & Policy Analyst
Myriam Francois-Cerrah Speaker
Myriam Francois-Cerrah
Current Affairs Commentator & Middle East Expert
Hung Huang Speaker
Hung Huang
One of China’s Most Popular Microbloggers
Howard Schmidt Speaker
Howard Schmidt
Leading Authority on Global Cybersecurity
Richard Lambert Speaker
Richard Lambert
Former Director-General of the CBI
Leta Hong Fincher Speaker
Leta Hong Fincher
Journalist on Gender Inequality in China
Dan Washburn Speaker
Dan Washburn
Expert on the Development of Golf in China
Rana Mitter Speaker
Rana Mitter
Expert in the History of Republican China
John Danforth Speaker
John Danforth
Former Attorney General, and Senator from Missouri
John Negroponte Speaker
John Negroponte
Former United States Deputy Secretary of State
Steve Coll Speaker
Steve Coll
Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner
Jeff McKissack Speaker
Jeff McKissack
Authority on Profiling and Threat Assessment
Loretta Napoleoni Speaker
Loretta Napoleoni
Expert macroeconomist
Annie Machon Speaker
Annie Machon
Former MI5 Intelligence Officer & Famed Whistleblower
David Richards Speaker
David Richards
Former UK Chief of the Defence Staff
Clay Chandler Speaker
Clay Chandler
Leading Analyst of Asia's Key Economies
Stein Ringen Speaker
Stein Ringen
Authority on Democratic Quality & "Good Government"
Bettina Wassener Speaker
Bettina Wassener
Leading Moderator on Asian Affairs
José Manuel Barroso Speaker
José Manuel Barroso
Former EU Commission President

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