International Affairs & Security speakers

Douglas Alexander Speaker
Douglas Alexander
Shadow Foreign Secretary (2011-2015)
Chris Paton Speaker
Chris Paton
Expert strategist and corporate wargame practitioner
Mike Rann Speaker
Mike Rann
Expert on strategy, global trade and revitilising cities
Daniel Hannan Speaker
Daniel Hannan
Renowned writer, broadcaster and journalist
Steven Simon Speaker
Steven Simon
National Security and Terrorism Expert
Richard Walton Speaker
Richard Walton
Head of Counter Terror Command, New Scotland Yard (20011-16)
William McCants Speaker
William McCants
Leading Expert on Islam and Extremist use of Digital Media
Matthew Goodwin Speaker
Matthew Goodwin
Leading authority on UK and European politics
Lawrence Freedman Speaker
Lawrence Freedman
One of the world's most distinguished experts on foreign policy and strategy
Andrew MacLeod Speaker
Andrew MacLeod
Expert in organisational leadership and change
Nobuo Tanaka Speaker
Nobuo Tanaka
Former Executive Director, International Energy Agency
Robert D. Putnam Speaker
Robert D. Putnam
Harvard Social Scientist
Max Abrahms Speaker
Max Abrahms
Leading Expert on Terrorism
Deborah Kan Speaker
Deborah Kan
New Media Entrepreneur
Martin Bashir Speaker
Martin Bashir
Award-winning Broadcast Journalist
Derek Plumbly Speaker
Derek Plumbly
Respected British Diplomat
Matthew Price Speaker
Matthew Price
Chief Correspondent, Radio 4 Today
Koji Tsuruoka Speaker
Koji Tsuruoka
Japan’s Chief Negotiator, Trans-Pacific Partnership
Ken Banks Speaker
Ken Banks
Social Innovator
James Rubin Speaker
James Rubin
High Profile Commentator on International Affairs

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