International Affairs & Security speakers

Basim Al-Ahmadi Speaker
Basim Al-Ahmadi Speaker
Basim Al-Ahmadi
Political Risk and Strategy Consultant
Philip Hammond Speaker
Philip Hammond
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Gideon Rachman Speaker
Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times
Gérard Araud Speaker
Gérard Araud Speaker
Gérard Araud
Ambassador of France to the United States (2014-2019)
Radek Sikorski Speaker
Radek Sikorski
Senior Statesman and Expert in Geopolitics
Jeremy Hunt Speaker
Jeremy Hunt
Longest serving UK Secretary of State for Health
Brett Bruen Speaker
Brett Bruen Speaker
Brett Bruen
Expert in Strategic and Crisis Communications
Graham Allison Speaker
Graham Allison
Author, political scientist and Professor
Sir Simon Mayall Speaker
Sir Simon Mayall
Former British Army General
Bill Emmott Speaker
Bill Emmott
Writer and Consultant on International Affairs
Suzanne Williams Speaker
Suzanne Williams
International Hostage Negotiator
Jo Johnson Speaker
Jo Johnson Speaker
Jo Johnson
Former Minister serving three different Prime Ministers
Matthew Friedman Speaker
Matthew Friedman
The Mekong Club Found and CEO
William Overholt Speaker
William Overholt
Senior Research Fellow in Harvard's Asia Center and author of "China's Crisis of success"
Rob Koepp Speaker
Rob Koepp
Director of The Economist Corporate Network in Hong Kong
Chuck Rosenberg Speaker
Chuck Rosenberg
Former Administrator (Director), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) (2015-2017)
Lara Setrakian Speaker
Lara Setrakian
Journalist and Trust Expert
Robert Kelly Speaker
Robert Kelly
Expert on East Asian security, with focus on the Koreas, US foreign policy and the Middle East
Bridget Kendall Speaker
Bridget Kendall
BBC Correspondent and Russia Expert
John Key Speaker
John Key
Former Prime Minister of New Zealand