International Affairs & Security speakers

Kiron Skinner Speaker
Kiron Skinner
Former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department
dominic raab
Dominic Raab Speaker
Dominic Raab
Deputy Prime Minister (2021-2022)
Karin Von Hippel Speaker
Karin Von Hippel
Expert in security, defence and international affairs - Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
Jeffrey Ding Speaker
Jeffrey Ding
Assistant Professor of Political Science at George Washington University
Matthew Kroenig Speaker
Matthew Kroenig
Vice President and Senior Director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security
Yuen Yuen Ang Speaker
Yuen Yuen Ang
Globally renowned expert on Chinese political economy
Jack Losh Speaker
Jack Losh
War correspondent and documentary filmmaker
Hala Gorani Speaker
Hala Gorani
Award-winning anchor and correspondent
Ghida Fakhry moderating doha debates
Ghida Fakhry Speaker
Ghida Fakhry
International Broadcast Journalist and Moderator
Leslie Vinjamuri Speaker
Leslie Vinjamuri
Expert on international security, intervention, and geopolitics.
Lizz T
Liz Truss Speaker
Liz Truss
Former Prime Minister of the UK
Samir Puri Speaker
Samir Puri
Bestselling author and former UK diplomat
Oliver Bullough Speaker
Oliver Bullough
Investigative journalist and critically acclaimed author of 'Butler to the World' and 'Moneyland"
Wolfgang Ischinger Speaker
Wolfgang Ischinger Speaker
Wolfgang Ischinger
Former Chairman of the Munich Security Conference (2008-22), Former German Ambassador to the US and UK (2001-08), Former Berlin Deputy Foreign Minister (1998-2001)
Dom troulan
Dom Troulan Speaker
Dom Troulan
Former British Army Major and UK special forces
Sophal Ear Speaker
Sophal Ear
Political Scientist and Senior Associate Dean
Karen Greenberg Speaker
Karen Greenberg
Author and expert on national security
andrew leon hanna
Andrew Leon Hanna Speaker
Andrew Leon Hanna
Entrepreneur, Lawyer, and Author of 25 Million Sparks
michael sheldrick speaking
Michael Sheldrick Speaker
Michael Sheldrick
Co-Founder of Global Citizen
Mohamed ElBaradei Speaker
Mohamed ElBaradei Speaker
Mohamed ElBaradei
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2005), Director General - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (1997 - 2009), Vice president of Egypt (2013)