International Affairs & Security speakers

Leslie Vinjamuri Speaker
Leslie Vinjamuri
Expert on international security, intervention and geopolitics.
Lizz T
Liz Truss Speaker
Liz Truss
Former Prime Minister of the UK
Oliver Bullough Speaker
Oliver Bullough
Investigative journalist & critically acclaimed author of 'Butler to the World'
Kathryn Schulz Speaker
Kathryn Schulz
Author, Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist, and staff writer at The New Yorker
grant shapps
Grant Shapps Speaker
Grant Shapps
British politician & Cabinet member in the UK Government (2012-24)
leo v
Leo Varadkar Speaker
Leo Varadkar
Former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland (2017-20 & 2022-24)
James Heappey Speaker
James Heappey
British politician & Minister of State for the Armed Forces ( 2020-24)
Casey Michel Speaker
Casey Michel
Award-winning Investigative Author & Journalist
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet Speaker
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
French journalist and writer on international affairs.
Édouard Philippe Speaker
Édouard Philippe
Mayor of Le Havre and Former Prime Minister of France (2017-20)
António Costa Speaker
António Costa
Prime Minister of Portugal (2015-2024)
Abdullah Gul Speaker
Abdullah Gul
Politican and former President of Turkey
Benedikt Franke Speaker
Benedikt Franke
Co-Founder and CEO of the Munich Security Conference Foundation
Ben Wallace Speaker
Ben Wallace
British politician and expert in national security
William Wintercross Speaker
William Wintercross
Renowned foreign correspondent & producer
David V. Gioe Speaker
David V. Gioe
Professor of Intelligence & International Security in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London
Graham Stacey Speaker
Graham Stacey
Former Chief of Staff of NATO Transformation
bates gill
Bates Gill Speaker
Bates Gill
Specialist on China & Indo-Pacific affairs
Alastair Campbell & Rory Stewart Speaker
Alastair Campbell & Rory Stewart
British politicians & hosts of "The Rest Is Politics" podcast
Sanam Vakil Speaker
Sanam Vakil
Director Middle East North Africa Programme, Chatham House