International Affairs & Security speakers

Suzanne Williams Speaker
Suzanne Williams
International Hostage Negotiator
Lara Setrakian Speaker
Lara Setrakian
Journalist and Trust Expert
Toomas Ilves Speaker
Toomas Ilves
Former President of Estonia
Jim O’Neill Speaker
Jim O’Neill
Economist and Policy Maker
Jonathan Hill Speaker
Jonathan Hill
Expert on the EU's financial services industry
Matthew Goodwin Speaker
Matthew Goodwin
Leading authority on UK and European politics
Dr John C. Hulsman Speaker
Dr John C. Hulsman
Top Geopolitical Analyst
Zhe Sun Speaker
Zhe Sun
Expert on US-China Relations
Rupert Smith Speaker
Rupert Smith
Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO
James Crabtree Speaker
James Crabtree
Executive Director of the Asia office of the International Institute of Strategic Studies
Arlene Foster
Arlene Foster Speaker
Arlene Foster
First Minister of Northern Ireland on two occasions (between 2016-21) and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) (2015-21)
Robin Niblett Speaker
Robin Niblett
Former Director (2007-2022) of Chatham House
james bacchus header image
James Bacchus Speaker
James Bacchus
Former Chief Judge of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization
Nina Schick Speaker
Nina Schick Speaker
Nina Schick
Author of "Deep Fakes", Founder and Director - Tamang Ventures, Expert in Deepfakes and Synthetic Media, Cybersecurity and the Geopolitics of Technology
Carl Bildt Speaker
Carl Bildt Speaker
Carl Bildt
Prime Minister of Sweden, Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs, World Health Organization's Special Envoy - Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT Accelerator)
Mohamed ElBaradei Speaker
Mohamed ElBaradei Speaker
Mohamed ElBaradei
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2005), Director General - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (1997 - 2009), Vice president of Egypt (2013)
Nathalie Tocci Speaker
Nathalie Tocci
EU Political Advisor & Politics Professor
julian king
Julian King Speaker
Julian King
EU Commissioner for the Security Union (2016-2019)
Bruno Maçães Speaker
Bruno Maçães
Former Politician and Geopolitical Strategist
Henry Gao Speaker
Henry Gao
International Trade Expert