International Affairs & Security speakers

Chris Patten Speaker
Chris Patten
Expert on World Affairs & East-West Relations
Paddy O’Connell Speaker
Paddy O’Connell
TV & Radio Broadcaster
Michael Portillo Speaker
Michael Portillo
Political commentator & former Defence Secretary
Jeremy Bowen Speaker
Jeremy Bowen
BBC's Middle East Editor
Justin Webb Speaker
Justin Webb
Broadcaster & Expert on US Politics
Malcolm Rifkind Speaker
Malcolm Rifkind
Former UK Foreign Secretary
Andrew Neil Speaker
Andrew Neil
Broadcaster & political commentator
Nicholas Burns Speaker
Nicholas Burns
Former US Ambassador to NATO
Akiko Yamanaka Speaker
Akiko Yamanaka
Former Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan
Jeffrey Garten Speaker
Jeffrey Garten
Global Economy Strategist
Anderson Cooper Speaker
Anderson Cooper
Popular International News Correspondent
Nancy Brinker Speaker
Nancy Brinker
Ambassador & Leader Behind Global Breast Cancer Movement
Kathryn Schulz Speaker
Kathryn Schulz
Journalist & Author
Dinesh D’Souza Speaker
Dinesh D’Souza
Top Policy Maker and New York Times best-selling author
Victor Gao Speaker
Victor Gao
Beijing-based Geopolitical Analyst
Chris Parry Speaker
Chris Parry
Leading Geopolitical & Military Analyst
Rory Stewart Speaker
Rory Stewart
Best-selling Author, Historian & Adventurer
Dennis Ross Speaker
Dennis Ross
President Clinton's Envoy to the Middle East
Ed Klein Speaker
Ed Klein
New York Times Best-selling Author
Robin Niblett Speaker
Robin Niblett
Director, Chatham House