International Affairs & Security speakers

Clark T. Randt, Jr. Speaker
Clark T. Randt, Jr.
Expert on Chinese Business, Politics & Law
Steve Tsang Speaker
Steve Tsang
Leading Expert on China
Charles Powell Speaker
Charles Powell
Co-Chair, Government Asia Task Force
Joe Foweraker Speaker
Joe Foweraker
Expert on Governance in Latin America
Jonathan Fenby Speaker
Jonathan Fenby
Journalist, Author & Expert on China and France
Rosemary Hollis Speaker
Rosemary Hollis
Expert on Security Issues in the Middle East
Charles Grant Speaker
Charles Grant
Director & Co-founder, Centre for European Reform
Mats Persson Speaker
Mats Persson
Director, Open Europe
Fawaz Gerges Speaker
Fawaz Gerges
Expert on the Politics of the Middle East
Roula Khalaf Speaker
Roula Khalaf
Foreign Editor & Assistant Editor, Financial Times
Rosemary Foot Speaker
Rosemary Foot
Expert on International Security & US-Chinese Relations
Philip Bobbitt Speaker
Philip Bobbitt
Expert on Constitutional Law, Security & Globalisation
Huang Jing Speaker
Huang Jing
Expert on Chinese Politics & US-China Relations
Wei Wei Zhang Speaker
Wei Wei Zhang
Best-selling Author on the Rise of China
Ian Bremmer Speaker
Ian Bremmer
Founder-President of political risk consultancy Eurasia Group
Zanny Minton Beddoes Speaker
Zanny Minton Beddoes
Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
Fu Ying Speaker
Fu Ying
Distinguished Chinese Diplomat
Stephen Chan Speaker
Stephen Chan
International Expert of African Governance
Kishore Mahbubani Speaker
Kishore Mahbubani
Expert on the Rise of Asia & US Foreign Relations
Thant Myint-U Speaker
Thant Myint-U
Experienced UN Advisor & Diplomat

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