International Affairs & Security speakers

Stella Rimington Speaker
Stella Rimington
Former Director General, MI5
Richard Dannatt Speaker
Richard Dannatt
Expert on Military Affairs & Leadership
Mary Robinson Speaker
Mary Robinson
First Female President of Ireland
Maybrit Illner Speaker
Maybrit Illner
Award-winning Current Affairs Journalist
Antony Beevor Speaker
Antony Beevor
World-Renowned British Historian
Jeremy Paxman Speaker
Jeremy Paxman
Highly Regarded British Journalist & Moderator
Ashley Tellis Speaker
Ashley Tellis
Expert on Asian Strategic Issues
Mark Mardell Speaker
Mark Mardell
Veteran Political Commentator
Jeremy Greenstock Speaker
Jeremy Greenstock
Former Diplomat & Expert on Middle East Relations
Tom Bower Speaker
Tom Bower
Investigative Historian & Journalist
Gerhard Schröder Speaker
Gerhard Schröder
Former Chancellor of Germany
Richard Dowden Speaker
Richard Dowden
Director, Royal African Society
Azadeh Moaveni Speaker
Azadeh Moaveni
Middle East correspondent, TIME Magazine
Javier Solana Speaker
Javier Solana
Distinguished Diplomat & Statesmen
MJ Akbar Speaker
MJ Akbar
Indian Journalist & Writer
Swapan Dasgupta Speaker
Swapan Dasgupta
Political Analyst & Commentator
Gavin Hewitt Speaker
Gavin Hewitt
Expert Commentator on the Eurozone Crisis
David Pilling Speaker
David Pilling
Associate Editor & Africa Editor - Financial Times
Zhou Wenzhong Speaker
Zhou Wenzhong
Secretary General of the Boao Forum for Asia
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg Speaker
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Distinguished Statesman & Expert on Finance in China

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