Inspirational speakers

Simon Kuper
Simon Kuper Speaker
Simon Kuper
Perspectives on globalisation, urban culture, politics and football
Philip Delves Broughton Speaker
Philip Delves Broughton
Management Expert
Simon Mainwaring Speaker
Simon Mainwaring
Branding, ESG and Leadership Expert
Robyn Kanner speaker
Robyn Kanner Speaker
Robyn Kanner
Senior Creative Director of the Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign
Leanne Benjamin Speaker
Leanne Benjamin
Former Principal Dancer, The Royal Ballet
Monica Lewinsky Speaker
Monica Lewinsky
Producer, social activist, global public speaker, and a contributing editor to Vanity Fair
Andy Unwin rowing
Andy Unwin Speaker
Andy Unwin
Inspirational speaker and Founder, Medicine Ball Challenge
Adrian Hayes Speaker
Adrian Hayes
British record-breaking adventurer and global keynote speaker
Kim Perell Speaker
Kim Perell
Award-winning entrepreneur, angel investor and bestselling author
Dominique Mielle Speaker
Dominique Mielle
Author of "Damsel in Distressed" and one of the "50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds"
max thorpe 2
Max Thorpe Speaker
Max Thorpe
Record-breaking athlete and survivor
Jill Scott MBE Speaker
Jill Scott MBE
English professional football player
Joe Fraser Speaker
Joe Fraser
Great Britain Gymnastic Athlete
Zion Clark Speaker
Zion Clark
Professional Wrestler & Athlete
Ronny Kojetin Summit
Robby Kojetin Speaker
Robby Kojetin
The guy who went from a wheelchair to the summit of mount everest
George Mumford Speaker
George Mumford Speaker
George Mumford
Speaker, Psychologist, Teacher, and Mindfulness Coach, Founder and President - Eye Of The Hurricane, Author of "The Mindful Athlete"
Anthony Trucks Speaker
Anthony Trucks
former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, and author
Bruce Whitfield speaking
Bruce Whitfield Speaker
Bruce Whitfield
Journalist, author and keynote speaker on business, politics and society
Speaker Mimi Brown
Mimi Brown Speaker
Mimi Brown
Motivator for change, author, one of LinkedIn's Top 75 Speakers to Watch Today, contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser
Brett Connellan Speaker
Brett Connellan
Shark attack survivor and motivational speaker