Innovation speakers

Chris Mattmann Speaker
Chris Mattmann
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at NASA
brian evergreen
Brian Evergreen Speaker
Brian Evergreen
Former AI Strategy Lead for Microsoft US
Kathryn Strachan Speaker
Kathryn Strachan
CEO of CopyHouse – a global content marketing agency
Geoffrey Hinton Speaker
Geoffrey Hinton
Time’s 100 Most Influential People in AI
Michal Kosinski Speaker
Michal Kosinski
Psychologist and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University
Hasard Lee Speaker
Hasard Lee
F-35 Stealth Fighter Pilot, International Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker
Mark Mills speaking
Mark P. Mills Speaker
Mark P. Mills
Expert on Energy Transitions and Emerging Technologies
Peter Bryant Speaker
Peter Bryant
Expert in ESG and Sustainability
Gloria Mark Speaker
Gloria Mark
Visiting senior researcher, Microsoft Research
Terry Virts Speaker
Terry Virts
Former Commander of the International Space Station
Amrit Chandan Speaker
Amrit Chandan
Chemical engineer, entrepreneur & Forbes 30Under30
Tilly Lockey Speaker
Tilly Lockey
Advocate for bionic technology and accessibility
Amer Iqbal Speaker
Amer Iqbal
Founder & CEO, 5 Ways to Innovate, Author & Innovation Consultant
Yasmine Mahmoudieh Speaker
Yasmine Mahmoudieh
Award-winning architect and interior designer deeply committed to sustainable practices
kay firth butterfield
Kay Firth-Butterfield Speaker
Kay Firth-Butterfield
CEO of Good Tech Advisory & recipient of TIME 100 Impact Award (2024)
Kitty Liao Speaker
Kitty Liao
Visionary entrepreneur & engineer
Mick Ebeling Speaker
Mick Ebeling
Founder & CEO, Not Impossible Labs and Bento
Leon Gordon Speaker
Leon Gordon
CEO of Onyx Data, driving innovation in data analytics and AI solutions.
Samantha Tauber Speaker
Samantha Tauber
Founder of VNCCII, a multimedia IP company
Rita Martins Speaker
Rita Martins
Former Global Head of FinTech Partnerships at HSBC & author of "Web3 in Financial Services"