Innovation speakers

Douglas Carswell Speaker
Douglas Carswell
Political Reformer & Small Government Campaigner
James Fergusson Speaker
James Fergusson
Specialist in Global Water Stress
Mike Abrashoff Speaker
Mike Abrashoff
Former Commander, USS Benfold and Author, It’s Your Ship
Bertrand Piccard Speaker
Bertrand Piccard
An 'Inspioneer' - showing how innovation and exploration can tackle the main challenges of our time
Bruce Daisley
Bruce Daisley Speaker
Bruce Daisley
Ex Twitter VP and Author of "The Joy of Work" & "Fortitude: Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Strength"
Ben Parr Speaker
Ben Parr
Technology Entrepreneur & Investor
Vindi Banga Speaker
Vindi Banga
Global Business Leader
Daniel Kraft Speaker
Daniel Kraft
Biomedical Entrepreneur
Hamish McRae Speaker
Hamish McRae
Macroeconomist & Forecaster
Richard Watson Speaker
Richard Watson
Best-selling author on mega-trends and the future
Parag Khanna
Parag Khanna Speaker
Parag Khanna
Expert Analyst on Geopolitics
Mike Harris Speaker
Mike Harris
Founder of First Direct, Mercury & Egg
Costas Markides Speaker
Costas Markides
Innovation & Strategy Expert
Richard Florida Speaker
Richard Florida
Economic Innovator & World Leading Urbanist
Tim Ferriss Speaker
Tim Ferriss
Innovator & Entrepreneur
Carlo Ratti Speaker
Carlo Ratti
MIT City Lab Founder
Ray Kurzweil Speaker
Ray Kurzweil
Director of Engineering, Google
Jimmy Wales Speaker
Jimmy Wales
Renzo Piano Speaker
Renzo Piano
World-Renowned Architect
Buzz Aldrin Speaker
Buzz Aldrin
Space Travel Advocate