Healthcare speakers

Stephen Trzeciak Speaker
Stephen Trzeciak
Physician, Scientist and Professor
Anthony Mazzarelli Speaker
Anthony Mazzarelli
Co-President/CEO of Cooper University Health Care
John Nosta Speaker
John Nosta
President at NostaLab - Digital Health Think Tank
Dr. Edith Eva Eger Speaker
Dr. Edith Eva Eger
Acclaimed expert in trauma recovery, inspiring speaker, human dignity advocate, and author
Dani Gordon Speaker
Dani Gordon
World leading neuro wellness expert
Susan Dentzer Speaker
Susan Dentzer
Healthcare Policy Analyst &Thought Leader, Journalist, Keynote Speaker
Adam Kay Speaker
Adam Kay
Comedian & Best-selling Author, 'This Is Going to Hurt'
Rola Hallam Speaker
Rola Hallam
Doctor and Humanitarian
Joel Selanikio Speaker
Joel Selanikio
Practicing physician, technologist, emergency responder, and entrepreneur
David Oshinsky Speaker
David Oshinsky Speaker
David Oshinsky
Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian for 'Polio: An American Story'
Jennifer Doudna Speaker
Jennifer Doudna
Co-recipient of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Delos Cosgrove Speaker
Delos Cosgrove
President and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic
Daniel Kahneman Speaker
Daniel Kahneman
Nobel Laureate, Psychologist, Behavioral Economist, & Author of "Thinking, Fast and Slow"
David Nott Speaker
David Nott
Expert Warzone Surgeon
Nerina Ramlakhan Speaker
Nerina Ramlakhan Speaker
Nerina Ramlakhan
Acclaimed author and expert on Well-Being, Sleep and Personal Productivity
Anne Wojcicki Speaker
Anne Wojcicki
Co-founder & CEO, 23andMe
Daniel Kraft Speaker
Daniel Kraft
Biomedical Entrepreneur
Sarah Harper Speaker
Sarah Harper
World-leading Expert on Population Ageing and Advisor to European and Asian governments

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