Government & Politics speakers

Mary Trump Speaker
Mary Trump
Clinical psychologist, businesswoman, speaker, and author of ‘Too Much and Never Enough’
Ryan Hass Speaker
Ryan Hass Speaker
Ryan Hass
Top Level Adviser on International Relations - US and Asia
Andy Coulson Speaker
Andy Coulson
Former Editor, News of the World & Former Director of Communications, Downing Street
Johanna Maska Speaker
Johanna Maska
CEO, Global Situation Room and Former White House Aid to President Obama
Alyssa Farah Speaker
Alyssa Farah
American political advisor and Former White House Director of Strategic Communications
George Osborne Speaker
George Osborne
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK Government (2010-16)
Callum Williams Speaker
Callum Williams Speaker
Callum Williams
Senior Economics Writer at The Economist
Tom Burgis Speaker
Tom Burgis
Award-winning investigative FT journalist- author of 'Kleptopia'
Oliver Lewis Speaker
Oliver Lewis Speaker
Oliver Lewis
Former Deputy Chief Negotiator in UK Government for UK-EU Trade Negotiations and Head of Research for ‘Vote Leave’
Ivan Krastev Speaker
Ivan Krastev
Award winning author and renowned Political Scientist
Josep Colomer Speaker
Josep Colomer Speaker
Josep Colomer
Professor of political science, Georgetown University, Washington DC,
Robyn Kanner Speaker
Robyn Kanner Speaker
Robyn Kanner
Senior Creative Director of the Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign
Lee Cain Speaker
Lee Cain Speaker
Lee Cain
Former Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street
Fiona Reynolds Speaker
Fiona Reynolds
CEO of the PRI
Demetri Sevastopulo Speaker
Demetri Sevastopulo
US/China Foreign Policy Commentator
Devi Sridhar Speaker
Devi Sridhar
Chair of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University
Anthony Scaramucci Speaker
Anthony Scaramucci
Former White House Communications Director
Andrew Heyn Speaker
Andrew Heyn
British Consul General to Hong Kong and Macao from 2016 to 2020
Kim Darroch Speaker
Kim Darroch
Retired UK Civil Servant and Life Peer in the House of Lords
Georgina Godwin Speaker
Georgina Godwin
Accomplished Speaker on geopolitics and skilled moderator