Global Economy & Finance speakers

Willem Buiter Speaker
Willem Buiter
Professor of Economics, Former Banker and Insightful Commentator
Danielle Di Martino Booth Speaker
Danielle Di Martino Booth
Incisive and clear insights on current US and Global Financial Systems
Vijay Vaitheeswaran Speaker
Vijay Vaitheeswaran
US Business Editor of The Economist
Everett Stern Speaker
Everett Stern
CEO and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit
Gregor Paterson Jones Speaker
Gregor Paterson Jones
Sustainable Investment Expert
Richard Davies Speaker
Richard Davies
Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors at HM Treasury, and Economics Advisor to George Osborne
Basim Al-Ahmadi Speaker
Basim Al-Ahmadi
Political Risk and Strategy Consultant
Philip Hammond Speaker
Philip Hammond
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Gideon Rachman Speaker
Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times
Martin Wolf Speaker
Martin Wolf
Associate Editor and Chief Economics commentator, Financial Times
Mauro Guillén Speaker
Mauro Guillén
One of the World's Foremost Experts on Global Trends
Jeremy Hunt Speaker
Jeremy Hunt
Longest serving UK Secretary of State for Health
Alessandro Hatami Speaker
Alessandro Hatami
Co-founder of and fintech expert
Bill Hayton Speaker
Bill Hayton
Geopolitics Expert of Southeast Asia
Ming Zeng Speaker
Ming Zeng
Executive Vice President of Alibaba Group
Pier Carlo Padoan Speaker
Pier Carlo Padoan
Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, 2014-2018
Jeremy Warner Speaker
Jeremy Warner
One of Britain's foremost financial, economic and business journalists
Arnaud Bonzom Speaker
Arnaud Bonzom
Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD
Jeff Towson Speaker
Jeff Towson
Expert on Digital China and Asia’s latest tech trends
Bill Emmott Speaker
Bill Emmott
Writer and Consultant on International Affairs

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