Economy & Finance speakers

Angela Knight Speaker
Angela Knight
Chief Executive, Energy UK
Andrew Sheng Speaker
Andrew Sheng Speaker
Andrew Sheng
Expert on Banking & Finance in Asia
Alistair Darling Speaker
Alistair Darling
Former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer
Jeffrey Garten Speaker
Jeffrey Garten
Global Economy Strategist
Todd Buchholz Speaker
Todd Buchholz
Economic Expert & Financial Strategist
Ben Stein Speaker
Ben Stein
Popular Cultural Commentator
Alan Rosling Speaker
Alan Rosling
Expert on India Business Strategy
Dr John C. Hulsman Speaker
Dr John C. Hulsman
Top Geopolitical Analyst
Victor Gao Speaker
Victor Gao
Beijing-based Geopolitical Analyst
Lanhee Chen Speaker
Lanhee Chen
2012 Policy Chief to Mitt Romney
Nasser Saidi Speaker
Nasser Saidi
Former Chief Economist, Dubai International Financial Centre
Alan Blinder Speaker
Alan Blinder
Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University
Gretchen Morgenson Speaker
Gretchen Morgenson
Senior Financial Reporter, WSJ
Paul Markillie Speaker
Paul Markillie
World expert on the disruptive impact of new technologies
Suze Orman Speaker
Suze Orman
CNBC Host & Motivational Speaker
Robin Niblett Speaker
Robin Niblett
Director, Chatham House
Allister Heath Speaker
Allister Heath
Deputy Editor, The Telegraph
Joseph Stiglitz Speaker
Joseph Stiglitz
Winner, Nobel Prize in Economics
Maria Bartiromo Speaker
Maria Bartiromo
CNBC Anchor

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