Gender Equality speakers

Shaun Ross Speaker
Shaun Ross
Actor and Male Model
Belinda Parmar Speaker
Belinda Parmar
Technology entrepreneur, campaigner and activist
Anastasia Graham-Yooll Speaker
Anastasia Graham-Yooll
Journalist and film director
Bonnie Chan Woo Speaker
Bonnie Chan Woo
CEO at Complex China and CEO at Icicle Group
Vivienne Ming Speaker
Vivienne Ming
Theoretical Neuroscientist, Technologist & Entrepreneur
Inga Beale Speaker
Inga Beale
CEO, Lloyd's of London (2013-2018)
Helena Morrissey Speaker
Helena Morrissey
Financier & Diversity Advocate
Matt Lindley Speaker
Matt Lindley
Former Royal Air Force pilot
Sarah McBride Speaker
Sarah McBride
Transgender Rights Activist - US Senator for the State of Delaware.
Cindy Eckert Speaker
Cindy Eckert Speaker
Cindy Eckert
Founder and CEO - Slate Pharmaceuticals and Sprout Pharmaceuticals, Angel Investor and Founder - The Pink Ceiling and The Pinkubator, Member and Speaker- The Shark Group
Iris Bohnet Speaker
Iris Bohnet
Behavioural Economist and Gender Equality Author
Angela Davis Speaker
Angela Davis
Economic, Racial and Gender Justice Campaigner
Katty Kay Speaker
Katty Kay
Lead Anchor, BBC World News America
Leta Hong Fincher Speaker
Leta Hong Fincher
Journalist on Gender Inequality in China
Déborah Berebichez Speaker
Déborah Berebichez
Vice President of Risk Analysis at MSCI
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox Speaker
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
CEO, 20-First, A Leading Gender Consultancy