Futurists speakers

Rahaf Harfoush Speaker
Rahaf Harfoush
Digital Anthropologist & New York Times Best-Selling Author
Zach Kaplan Speaker
Zach Kaplan
Founder and CEO of Inventables
Julie Albright Speaker
Julie Albright
Digital Sociologist and Keynote Speaker on Digital Culture
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker
Ed Newton-Rex
Former Product Director for TikTok and Snapchat
David Shing Speaker
David Shing
Former "Digital Prophet" of Verizon Media
Brett Bruen
Brett Bruen Speaker
Brett Bruen
Expert in Strategic and Crisis Communications
Kieran Miles Speaker
Kieran Miles
Founder and CEO of Duco, the adventure apparel brand
Anders Sorman-Nilsson Speaking Event
Anders Sorman-Nilsson Speaker
Anders Sorman-Nilsson
Global futurist and innovation strategist
Terence Mauri Speaker
Terence Mauri
Inspiring leaders to thrive in the age of disruption
Luke Robert Mason Speaker
Luke Robert Mason
Futures Theorist & Host of the FUTURES Podcast
Mark van Rijmenam speaking on stage
Mark van Rijmenam Speaker
Mark van Rijmenam
Strategic Futurist and Founder of Datafloq
Shawn DuBravac Speaker
Shawn DuBravac
Well-regarded futurist and trendcaster who writes frequently on disruptive technological shifts
Jonnie Penn
Jonnie Penn Speaker
Jonnie Penn
AI expert & historian of technology
Ian Goldin Speaker
Ian Goldin
Expert on the Future of Finance, Risk & Markets
Jim Carroll Speaker
Jim Carroll
Global Futurist, Business Trends, Leadership & Innovation Expert
Anne Lise Kjaer Speaker
Anne Lise Kjaer
Futurist and Entrepreneur
Hamish McRae Speaker
Hamish McRae
Macroeconomist & Forecaster
Parag Khanna
Parag Khanna Speaker
Parag Khanna
Expert Analyst on Geopolitics