Futurists speakers

Scott Amyx Speaker
Scott Amyx Speaker
Scott Amyx
Author of "Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success"
Marcel Fratzscher speaker
Marcel Fratzscher Speaker
Marcel Fratzscher
Macroeconomics and Finance Professor - Humboldt-University Berlin
Christina Boutrup Speaker
Christina Boutrup Speaker
Christina Boutrup
Asia Correspondent for national Danish TV2, and leading China analyst
Daniel Bobroff Speaker
Daniel Bobroff
Head of Retail, HTEC Group and Founder, Coded Futures
Payal Arora Speaker
Payal Arora Speaker
Payal Arora
Founder and Director of Catalyst Lab and FemLab.Co
Jason Schenker Speaker
Jason Schenker
Top Economic Forecaster & Futurist
Shafi Ahmed Speaker
Shafi Ahmed
World's first chief medical metaverse officer
Karl Lillrud Speaker
Karl Lillrud
Futurist and E-Commerce expert
Xiaowei R. Wang Speaker
Xiaowei R. Wang
Artist, Writer, Organizer, Coder and Author of 'Blockchain Chicken Farm'
Charles d’Haussy Speaker
Charles d’Haussy
Managing Director at ConsenSys and digital currency expert
Deborah Collier speaking
Deborah Collier Speaker
Deborah Collier
Futurist leader in business, media, digital and education
Daniel Langer Speaking
Daniel Langer Speaker
Daniel Langer
Global Expert in Luxury Branding
John Sanei headshot
John Sanei Speaker
John Sanei
Specialist in Human Science, Neuroscience, Quantum Technology, Futurism and Business Strategy & Associate Partner, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Stefan Hyttfors Speaker
Stefan Hyttfors
Futurist, author and one of Europe’s leading voices on disruptive technologies and behavioural change
Jason Wingard Speaker
Jason Wingard
Expert on Leadership Development, Professional Learning, and the Future of Work
Andrew Zolli Speaker
Andrew Zolli
VP Sustainability and Global Impact initiatives at Planet - Author of 'Resilience - Why Things Bounce back'
Daniel Burrus Speaker
Daniel Burrus
Leading Futurist Speakers on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation
Dirk Ahlborn Speaker
Dirk Ahlborn
Entrepreneur and Innovation Speaker
Scott Sonenshein Speaker
Scott Sonenshein
Organizational Psychologist
Scott Steinberg Speaker
Scott Steinberg
Master of Innovation & Trends Expert