Futurists speakers

Zack Kass Speaker
Zack Kass
AI Futurist & former Head of Go To Market at OpenAI
Miriam Vogel Speaker
Miriam Vogel
President and CEO of EqualAI, Chair of NAIAC, Cohost of podcast In AI we Trust?
alex o brien
Alex O'Brien Speaker
Alex O'Brien
Vice-Chair of Association of British Science Writers
Jonathan Brill Speaker
Jonathan Brill
Global Futurist, AI Keynote Speaker, Executive Chairman at Center for Radical Change
Martin Eberhard Speaker
Martin Eberhard
Co-founder of Tesla Motors
Eliza Filby Speaker
Eliza Filby
Historian on generational dynamics
April Rinne Speaker
April Rinne
Futurist, Speaker, Author, & Advocate for Humanity
Michael Bhaskar Speaker
Michael Bhaskar
AI expert, researcher & entrepreneur
Marcelo Gleiser Speaker
Marcelo Gleiser
Theoretical physicist, Author and co-founder of 13.8, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College
Doug Stephens Speaker
Doug Stephens
Founder of Retail Prophet
Nikki Greenberg Speaker
Nikki Greenberg
Futurist and innovation strategist
kate b speaking 2
Kate Baucherel Speaker
Kate Baucherel
Crypto and blockchain expert, futurist and author
Nancy Giordano Speaker
Nancy Giordano
Futurist, corporate strategist & bestselling author
Richard van Hooijdonk Speaker
Richard van Hooijdonk
Serves as the CEO of Trendforce
Shivvy Jervis Speaker
Shivvy Jervis
Pioneering futurist
Matthew Griffin Speaker
Matthew Griffin
Futurist and Innovation expert
amelia hemphill
Amelia Hemphill Speaker
Amelia Hemphill
Journalist and presenter
Warren Parker-Mills Speaker
Warren Parker-Mills
Founder of beforeStores
suhair khan
Suhair Khan Speaker
Suhair Khan
Technologist, design activist & thought leader in culture & innovation
Monika Bielskyte Speaker
Monika Bielskyte
Top 100 women in tech in Europe