Future of Work speakers

Anne-Christine Polet Speaker
Anne-Christine Polet
Expert on web3 and digitisation in fashion
Monika Bielskyte Speaker
Monika Bielskyte
Top 100 women in tech in Europe
Diana Wu David Speaker
Diana Wu David
Futurist, advisor, leadership coach, author and global speaker
Mark McCrindle Speaker
Mark McCrindle
Award-winning social researcher and renowned futurist
piotr speaking
Piotr Prokopowicz Speaker
Piotr Prokopowicz
Expert in organiztional psychology
Ali Abdaal Speaker
Ali Abdaal
Doctor, YouTuber and Podcaster
Charlotte Lockhart Speaker
Charlotte Lockhart
Co-founder and acting CEO of 4 Day Week Global
Andrew Barnes Speaker
Andrew Barnes
Founder of 4 Day Week Global
William MacAskill Speaker
William MacAskill
Associate professor in philosophy at the University of Oxford
Marina Bill Speaker
Marina Bill
President of the International Federation of Robotics
Katz K
Katz Kiely Speaker
Katz Kiely
Innovator, systems thinker & futurist
Nir Eyal Speaker
Nir Eyal
Best-selling author of 'Indistractable' and 'Hooked'
Kirsten Stendevad Speaker
Kirsten Stendevad
Leadership trainer and bestselling author
Jessica Kriegel Speaker
Jessica Kriegel Speaker
Jessica Kriegel
Industrial- Organisational Psychologist, Author, and Speaker on Company Culture, Author of "Unfairly Labeled" and "The Cultural Transformation Guide", Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture - Culture Partners
Hannah Ubl Speaker
Hannah Ubl Speaker
Hannah Ubl
Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Strategist for the New Generation, Co-author of "Managing Millennials for Dummies, Co-Founder - Good Company Consulting
Christine Hassler Speaker
Christine Hassler
Expert on Millennials and cross-generational issues, change, motivation, leadership, personal development and women in business.
Kim Lear Speaker
Kim Lear
Skilled researcher, trendspotter and storyteller
Raven Solomon Speaker
Raven Solomon Speaker
Raven Solomon
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker on Racial Equity and Intergenerational Differences, Founder and President - Raven Solomon Enterprises , Author of "Leading Your Parents"
Kian Gohar Speaker
Kian Gohar
Futurist, Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur
Sarah Sladek Speaker
Sarah Sladek Speaker
Sarah Sladek
Founder and CEO - XYZ University