Fintech speakers

cindy chin
Cindy Chin Speaker
Cindy Chin
Tech and AI expert
Kiran Gange Speaker
Kiran Gange
CEO and founder at AI-based company
Michael Sonnenshein Speaker
Michael Sonnenshein
CEO of Grayscale Investments
Patrick Schwerdtfeger Speaker
Patrick Schwerdtfeger Speaker
Patrick Schwerdtfeger
Business Futurist and Keynote Speaker, Founder of Entrepreneur & Small Business Academy, Founder, Keynote Speaker & Strategic Business Consultant of Trend Mastery
Michael Liebreich Speaker
Michael Liebreich Speaker
Michael Liebreich
Founder, CEO and Chairman - Liebreich Associate, Senior Advisor - Sustainable Development Capital LLP
Jimmy Soni Speaker
Jimmy Soni
Author of 'The Founders'
Justin Sun Speaker
Justin Sun
Crypto Entrepreneur
Jason Schenker Speaker
Jason Schenker
Top Economic Forecaster & Futurist
Sharon Gai Speaker
Sharon Gai
Former Alibaba executive and ecommerce expert
Charles Hoskinson Speaker
Charles Hoskinson
Founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum
Charles d’Haussy Speaker
Charles d’Haussy
Managing Director at ConsenSys and digital currency expert
Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP Speaker
Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer - UK (2019-2020)
Denise Kingsmill Speaker
Denise Kingsmill
Leading Speaker on Fintech, Business Regulation, Issues of Diversity and Sustainability
Alastair Lukies Speaker
Alastair Lukies
Pioneer and Champion for UK's Global FinTech Industry
Angie Lau Speaker
Angie Lau
CEO & Founder of Forkast News, Thought-leader Blockchain Technology
Nic Miller Speaker
Nic Miller
Leading Expert in Cyber Security and helping SME's become efficient in cyber security
Susannah Streeter Speaker
Susannah Streeter
Expert moderator and event host
Everett Stern Speaker
Everett Stern
CEO and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit
Fox Harrell Speaker
Fox Harrell
Director of the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality
Simon Taylor Speaker
Simon Taylor
Head of Content & Strategy at Sardine - Co-Founder of 11:FS