Sustainability & ESG speakers

Marcus Grubb Speaker
Marcus Grubb
Insightful speaker on macro investment trends and precious metals
Laurence C. Smith Speaker
Laurence C. Smith
Advisor to Congress & UN on Climate Change
James Fergusson Speaker
James Fergusson
Specialist in Global Water Stress
Bertrand Piccard Speaker
Bertrand Piccard
An 'Inspioneer' - showing how innovation and exploration can tackle the main challenges of our time
Stanley Johnson Speaker
Stanley Johnson
Expert on Environmental Issues
Parag Khanna
Parag Khanna Speaker
Parag Khanna
Expert Analyst on Geopolitics
Lewis Pugh Speaker
Lewis Pugh
Ocean Advocate and Pioneer Swimmer
Angela Knight Speaker
Angela Knight
Chief Executive, Energy UK
Alex Bell Speaker
Alex Bell
Expert on the Global Water Crisis
Kathryn Schulz Speaker
Kathryn Schulz
Journalist & Author
David Suzuki Speaker
David Suzuki
William McDonough Speaker
William McDonough
World-Renowned Architect & Designer
Robin Chase Speaker
Robin Chase
Transportation Innovator