Sustainability & ESG speakers

Gordon Clark Speaker
Gordon Clark
Leading Authority on Institutional Investment
Barton Seaver Speaker
Barton Seaver
Chef, and advocate for sustainable food systems
Richard Brubaker Speaker
Richard Brubaker
Founder & Managing Director of Collective Responsibility
Ronald Cohen Speaker
Ronald Cohen
Pioneering philanthropist, venture capitalist, private equity investor and social innovator
Ken Banks Speaker
Ken Banks
Social Innovator
Lesley Rochat Speaker
Lesley Rochat
Marine & Shark Conservationist
Ricardo Lagos Speaker
Ricardo Lagos
Former President of Chile
Ann Daniels Speaker
Ann Daniels
One of Britain’s Leading Female Explorers
Will Allen Speaker
Will Allen
Urban Farmer & CEO of Growing Power
Michael Pawlyn Speaker
Michael Pawlyn
Architect & Sustainability Leader
Charlie Luxton Speaker
Charlie Luxton
Promoter of Sustainable Development
Joanna Yarrow Speaker
Joanna Yarrow
Expert in Sustainable Living
Benjamin Barber Speaker
Benjamin Barber
Political Theorist & Best-selling Author
Birke Baehr Speaker
Birke Baehr
Advocate for sustainable food and agriculture
Geoffrey West Speaker
Geoffrey West
Pioneering Theoretical Physicist
Marc Priestley Speaker
Marc Priestley
Former McLaren F1 Chief Mechanic
Andrew Sentance Speaker
Andrew Sentance
Senior Economic Adviser, PWC LLP
Allan Savory Speaker
Allan Savory
World-Renowned Environmentalist
Steve Rayner Speaker
Steve Rayner
Leading expert on cities, innovation, technology and climate change
Bjørn Lomborg Speaker
Bjørn Lomborg
Renowned Environmentalist & Author