Sustainability & ESG speakers

Ross Douglas Speaker
Ross Douglas
Founder & CEO at Autonomy Paris
Anastasia Graham-Yooll Speaker
Anastasia Graham-Yooll
Journalist and film director
Kieran Miles Speaker
Kieran Miles
Founder and CEO of Duco, the adventure apparel brand
Mike Berners-Lee Speaker
Mike Berners-Lee
Expert and author on climate change and sustainability
Agnis Stibe Speaker
Agnis Stibe
Wellbeing and Transformation Expert
Marga Hoek
Marga Hoek Speaker
Marga Hoek
International thought leader on sustainable business
Alan Chambers Speaker
Alan Chambers
Former Royal Marine Commando of 17 years
Steve Goreham Speaker
Steve Goreham
Executive Director, The Climate Science Coalition of America
Gabrielle Walker Speaker
Gabrielle Walker
Former Climate Change Editor at The New Scientist
Doug Woodring Speaker
Doug Woodring
Innovative Ocean Advocate and Conservationist
Lara Setrakian Speaker
Lara Setrakian
Journalist and Trust Expert
Dror Poleg - Chartwell BG
Dror Poleg Speaker
Dror Poleg
Expert on The Future of Work and Cities
Joel Sartore Speaker
Joel Sartore
Photographer & 2018 National Geographic Explorer of the Year
Laura Tenenbaum Speaker
Laura Tenenbaum
Former Senior Science Editor of NASA’s Global Climate Change Website
Elizabeth Cohen Speaker
Elizabeth Cohen
Senior medical correspondent and television news journalist for CNN
Patrick Aryee Speaker
Patrick Aryee
Presented the BBC’s online strand 'Zoo La La'
Wade Davis Speaker
Wade Davis
Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society
Alex Edmans Speaker
Alex Edmans
Professor of Finance, London Business School
Andrew Winston Speaker
Andrew Winston
Consultant, writer and speaker on corporate strategy
George Papaconstantinou Speaker
George Papaconstantinou
Greek Economist and Politician

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