ESG speakers

Simon Mainwaring Speaker
Simon Mainwaring
Branding, ESG and Leadership Expert
Martin Sandbu Speaker
Martin Sandbu
European Economics Commentator, Financial Times
Alex Salmond speaking
Alex Salmond Speaker
Alex Salmond
Former First Minister of Scotland (2007-2014)
Henrik von Scheel speaker
Henrik von Scheel Speaker
Henrik von Scheel
Leading strategist, Futurist and Industry 4.0 Originator
Nathalie Tocci Speaker
Nathalie Tocci
EU Political Advisor & Politics Professor
Ami Kotecha speaking
Ami Kotecha Speaker
Ami Kotecha
Co-Founder, Head of Technology & Venture Investments, Amro Partners 
Vijay Vaitheeswaran Speaker
Vijay Vaitheeswaran
Global Energy & Climate Innovation Editor at The Economist
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Jennifer Zhu Scott Speaker
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Chairman of The Commons Project- former Principal, Radian Partners
Rosalind Kainyah speaker
Rosalind Kainyah Speaker
Rosalind Kainyah
Leading sustainability and ESG advisor
meg pagani cover photo
Meg Pagani Speaker
Meg Pagani
Thought leader on new leadership
Peter Bryant Speaker
Peter Bryant
Expert in ESG and Sustainability
Stefan Darcon
Stefan Dercon Speaker
Stefan Dercon
Former Chief Economist of DFID
John Sterman Speaker
John Sterman Speaker
John Sterman
Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management - MIT Sloan School of Management
Nigel Topping Speaker
Nigel Topping Speaker
Nigel Topping
Former CEO - We Mean Business (2015-2020), UK High Level Champion for Climate Action - UN Climate Change Conference, Advisory Board Memebr - Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment
Sally Uren Speaker
Sally Uren Speaker
Sally Uren
Global Expert and Leader in Sustainable Development,, Chief Executive - Forum for the Future, Independent Chair and Advisory Board Member
Chris Goodall Speaker
Chris Goodall
Energy Transition and Sustainability Expert, Author, Adviser and Angel Investor in Clean Tech startups
Jeremy Schwartz Speaking
Jeremy Schwartz Speaker
Jeremy Schwartz
Businessman and former CEO of The Body Shop
stuart kirk
Stuart Kirk Speaker
Stuart Kirk
Former Global Head of Responsible Investments at HSBC
Michael Liebreich Speaker
Michael Liebreich Speaker
Michael Liebreich
Founder, CEO and Chairman - Liebreich Associate, Senior Advisor - Sustainable Development Capital LLP
Catharina James Speaker
Catharina James Speaker
Catharina James
Founder & CEO of DRCJ Innovation Consulting