Entrepreneurs speakers

Mike Holmes Speaker
Mike Holmes
Professional Contractor and HGTV Host
Frank Fontana Speaker
Frank Fontana
Host of HGTV 's "Design on a Dime"
Genevieve Gorder Speaker
Genevieve Gorder
Interior Designer and Emmy Nominated TV Personality
Summer Baltzer Speaker
Summer Baltzer
Host of HGTV's "Design on a Dime"
Vern Yip Speaker
Vern Yip
Celebrity Interior Designer and Author
Jim Kwik Speaker
Jim Kwik
Expert in Memory Improvement & Brain Performance
Alejandro Cremades Speaker
Alejandro Cremades
World Authority on Entrepreneurship and Fundraising
Shane Parrish Speaker
Shane Parrish
Founder of Farnam Street website
Amanda Spann Speaker
Amanda Spann
Marketer and App Entrepreneur
Kai-Fu Lee Speaker
Kai-Fu Lee
Venture Capitalist & Writer
Solomon Hykes Speaker
Solomon Hykes
Computer science expert and Innovator. Co-Founder of Docker
Asha Sumputh Speaker
Asha Sumputh
Entrepreneur, Journalist & Lecturer
Byron V. Garrett Speaker
Byron V. Garrett
Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA)
Mark Nitzberg Speaker
Mark Nitzberg
AI Scientist, Entrepreneur & Consultant
Rand Fishkin Speaker
Rand Fishkin
Digital Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur
Jamie Metzl
Jamie Metzl Speaker
Jamie Metzl
Technology futurist & geopolitical expert, novelist, entrepreneur, media commentator, and Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council.
Iain Anderson Speaker
Iain Anderson
Corporate Communications Expert
Lauren Bush Lauren Speaker
Lauren Bush Lauren
Co-Founder of FEED Projects
Sir Martin Sorrell Speaker
Sir Martin Sorrell
Former CEO of WPP
Michael Hayman Speaker
Michael Hayman
Entrepreneur, author and business campaigner

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