Entrepreneur speakers

Simon Sinek Speaker
Simon Sinek
Best-selling author, "Start With Why"
Alpesh Patel Speaker
Alpesh Patel
Founder & CEO, Mi-Fone
Jonathan Berman Speaker
Jonathan Berman
Thought Leader on Frontier Markets
Libby Gill Speaker
Libby Gill
Branding Expert, Bestselling Author & CEO
Liz Wiseman Speaker
Liz Wiseman
Bestselling Author & Executive Advisor
Chad Hurley Speaker
Chad Hurley
Co-founder & former CEO, YouTube
Biz Stone Speaker
Biz Stone
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Twitter
Alexandra Cousteau Speaker
Alexandra Cousteau
Explorer & Environmentalist
Leo Johnson Speaker
Leo Johnson
Expert in Business Sustainability
Tony Alessandra Speaker
Tony Alessandra
Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur
Erik Brynjolfsson Speaker
Erik Brynjolfsson
Leading Expert on the Economic Impact of Technology
Randi Zuckerberg Speaker
Randi Zuckerberg
Former Marketing Director, Facebook
Claire Díaz-Ortiz Speaker
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
Leader of Social Innovation, Twitter
James Ogilvy Speaker
James Ogilvy
Respected Luxury Brand Strategic Consultant
Frank Meehan Speaker
Frank Meehan
Former Board Director of Spotify, Summly, Siri and other key players
Suneel Gupta Speaker
Suneel Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO, RISE
David Chard Speaker
David Chard
Highly Experienced Communications Consultant
Richard Cooper Speaker
Richard Cooper
Leadership & Teambuilding Consultant
Alison Lester Speaker
Alison Lester
Renowned Communication Trainer
Rama Bijapurkar Speaker
Rama Bijapurkar
Leading Indian Market Strategist

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