Energy speakers

Simon Wright Speaker
Simon Wright
Industry Editor, The Economist
James Fergusson Speaker
James Fergusson
Specialist in Global Water Stress
John Sfakianakis Speaker
John Sfakianakis
Investment & Economic Advisor
Bertrand Piccard Speaker
Bertrand Piccard
An 'Inspioneer' - showing how innovation and exploration can tackle the main challenges of our time
Laurence Kemball-Cook Speaker
Laurence Kemball-Cook
Clean Energy Entrepreneur
Marc Faber Speaker
Marc Faber
Managing Director of Marc Faber Ltd
Susan Eisenhower Speaker
Susan Eisenhower
CEO and Chairman of the Eisenhower Group
Richard Watson Speaker
Richard Watson
Best-selling author on mega-trends and the future
Parag Khanna
Parag Khanna Speaker
Parag Khanna
Expert Analyst on Geopolitics
William F. Martin Speaker
William F. Martin
Energy Advisor to the US government
John Browne Speaker
John Browne
Former CEO, BP
Angela Knight Speaker
Angela Knight
Chief Executive, Energy UK
Alex Bell Speaker
Alex Bell
Expert on the Global Water Crisis
William McDonough Speaker
William McDonough
World-Renowned Architect & Designer
Alan Rosling Speaker
Alan Rosling
Expert on India Business Strategy
Victor Gao Speaker
Victor Gao
Beijing-based Geopolitical Analyst
Dennis Ross Speaker
Dennis Ross
President Clinton's Envoy to the Middle East