Energy speakers

Gerhard Fasol Speaker
Gerhard Fasol
Founding CEO, Eurotechnology Japan
Pierre Noël Speaker
Pierre Noël
Leading Energy Market & Policy Analyst
Cynthia Carroll Speaker
Cynthia Carroll
Most Influential Woman in the Mining Industry
Michael Pawlyn Speaker
Michael Pawlyn
Architect & Sustainability Leader
Murray Eldridge Speaker
Murray Eldridge
Veteran International Consultant
Amy Myers Jaffe Speaker
Amy Myers Jaffe
Expert on the geopolitics of oil and gas
Birke Baehr Speaker
Birke Baehr
Advocate for sustainable food and agriculture
Geoffrey West Speaker
Geoffrey West
Pioneering Theoretical Physicist
James Jones Speaker
James Jones
Former U.S. National Security Advisor
Simon Tay Speaker
Simon Tay
Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs
Hanli Prinsloo Speaker
Hanli Prinsloo
Ocean Adventurer & Champion Freediver
Allan Savory Speaker
Allan Savory
World-Renowned Environmentalist
Mani Shankar Aiyar Speaker
Mani Shankar Aiyar
Indian Diplomat & Politician
Tim Eggar Speaker
Tim Eggar
President of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
Charles Ebinger Speaker
Charles Ebinger
Expert on Global Energy Security
Paul Stevens Speaker
Paul Stevens
Distinguished Fellow, Chatham House
Rolake Akinkugbe Speaker
Rolake Akinkugbe
African energy and finances expert
Malcolm Grimston Speaker
Malcolm Grimston
Expert on Nuclear Policy
Jonathan Berman Speaker
Jonathan Berman
Thought Leader on Frontier Markets
Jeremy Rifkin Speaker
Jeremy Rifkin
Leading expert on global energy policy