Energy speakers

Tim Eggar Speaker
Tim Eggar
President of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
Charles Ebinger Speaker
Charles Ebinger
Expert on Global Energy Security
Paul Stevens Speaker
Paul Stevens
Distinguished Fellow, Chatham House
Rolake Akinkugbe Speaker
Rolake Akinkugbe
African energy and finances expert
Malcolm Grimston Speaker
Malcolm Grimston
Expert on Nuclear Policy
Jonathan Berman Speaker
Jonathan Berman
Thought Leader on Frontier Markets
Jeremy Rifkin Speaker
Jeremy Rifkin
Leading expert on global energy policy
Fatih Birol Speaker
Fatih Birol
Chief Economist, International Energy Agency
Michael Bromwich Speaker
Michael Bromwich
Expert on US regulation of offshore oil and gas development
Guy Caruso Speaker
Guy Caruso
Senior Adviser, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS
Peter Voser Speaker
Peter Voser
Former CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc.
Marius Kloppers Speaker
Marius Kloppers
Former CEO, BHP Billinton
Dieter Helm Speaker
Dieter Helm
Professor of Energy Policy, Oxford University
William Blyth Speaker
William Blyth
Founder, Oxford Energy Associates
Jonathon Porritt Speaker
Jonathon Porritt
Co-Founder, Forum for the Future
Walt Patterson Speaker
Walt Patterson
Expert on Nuclear Power & Energy
Claudia Kemfert Speaker
Claudia Kemfert
Head of Energy, German Institute of Economic Research
Oby Ezekwesili Speaker
Oby Ezekwesili
Senior African Economist
Wenran Jiang Speaker
Wenran Jiang
Expert on China & the Global Economy
John Beddington Speaker
John Beddington
UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser