Energy speakers

Michael Liebreich Speaker
Michael Liebreich Speaker
Michael Liebreich
Founder, CEO and Chairman - Liebreich Associate, Senior Advisor - Sustainable Development Capital LLP
Sunita Narain Speaker
Sunita Narain
Director General of the CSE
Chris Skidmore Speaker
Chris Skidmore
UK Minister of State for Universities, Research, Innovation and Skills (2018-19, 2019-2020)
Graham Weale Speaker
Graham Weale
Expert on Energy Transitions
Andy Baynes Speaker
Andy Baynes
Former Nest and Apple Executive
Steve Goreham Speaker
Steve Goreham
Executive Director, The Climate Science Coalition of America
Gabrielle Walker Speaker
Gabrielle Walker
Expert on Climate Change Sustainability and helping businesses to meet these global challenges
Laura Tenenbaum Speaker
Laura Tenenbaum
Former Senior Science Editor of NASA’s Global Climate Change Website
Frederick Smith Speaker
Frederick Smith
Chairman & CEO of FedEx Corp., a multi-billion dollar global transportation and logistics company
Andrew Stead Speaker
Andrew Stead
Andrew Stead is an internationally renowned Speaker, Writer and Coach.
JB Straubel Speaker
JB Straubel
Founder of Redwood Materials - Co Founder of Tesla
William Pullen Speaker
William Pullen
Author of "Run for Your Life"
Melanie Windridge Speaker
Melanie Windridge
Plasma Physicist, explorer and author
Giles Hutchins Speaker
Giles Hutchins
Expert on business sustainability
Nagy Hanna Speaker
Nagy Hanna
Expert on Digital Transformation
Catherine Mohr Speaker
Catherine Mohr
Expert in the fields of robotic surgery and sustainable technologies
Chandran Nair Speaker
Chandran Nair
Advisor to governments and global corporations on sustainability
Jonathan Foley Speaker
Jonathan Foley
World expert on sustainability and food security
Tom Whitehouse Speaker
Tom Whitehouse
Expert on environmental technology trends
John Lobell Speaker
John Lobell
Expert on Creativity and Innovation