Energy speakers

Melanie Windridge Speaker
Melanie Windridge
Plasma Physicist, explorer and author
Giles Hutchins Speaker
Giles Hutchins
Expert on business sustainability
Nagy Hanna Speaker
Nagy Hanna
Expert on Digital Transformation
Catherine Mohr Speaker
Catherine Mohr
Expert in the fields of robotic surgery and sustainable technologies
Chandran Nair Speaker
Chandran Nair
Advisor to governments and global corporations on sustainability
Jonathan Foley Speaker
Jonathan Foley
World expert on sustainability and food security
Tom Whitehouse Speaker
Tom Whitehouse
Expert on environmental technology trends
John Lobell Speaker
John Lobell
Expert on Creativity and Innovation
Nobuo Tanaka Speaker
Nobuo Tanaka
Former Executive Director, International Energy Agency
Bassam Fattouh Speaker
Bassam Fattouh
Expert in Middle East & North Africa Energy
Lee Hopley Speaker
Lee Hopley
Chief Economist, EEF
Gerhard Fasol Speaker
Gerhard Fasol
Founding CEO, Eurotechnology Japan
Pierre Noël
Leading Energy Market & Policy Analyst
Cynthia Carroll Speaker
Cynthia Carroll
Most Influential Woman in the Mining Industry
Michael Pawlyn Speaker
Michael Pawlyn
Architect & Sustainability Leader
Murray Eldridge Speaker
Murray Eldridge
Veteran International Consultant
Amy Myers Jaffe Speaker
Amy Myers Jaffe
Expert on the geopolitics of oil and gas
Birke Baehr Speaker
Birke Baehr
Advocate for sustainable food and agriculture
Geoffrey West Speaker
Geoffrey West
Pioneering Theoretical Physicist
James Jones Speaker
James Jones
Former U.S. National Security Advisor