Diversity & Inclusion speakers

Stacy Brown-Philpot Speaker
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Former CEO of TaskRabbit
Nahum Speaker
Nahum Speaker
Internationally renowned artist and first person to launch an interactive artwork to space
Safiya Noble Speaker
Safiya Noble
Co-Founder and Co-Director, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry
Anne-Marie Imafidon Speaker
Anne-Marie Imafidon
Co-Founder, award-winning social enterprise, Stemettes
John Amaechi Speaker
John Amaechi
Keynote speaker on leadership and creating high performance organisations
June Sarpong Speaker
June Sarpong
British TV Presenter and award-winning author.
Robyn Kanner Speaker
Robyn Kanner Speaker
Robyn Kanner
Senior Creative Director of the Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign
Raina Kumra Speaker
Raina Kumra
Expert on Digital transformation and AI ethics
Laticia Jackson Speaker
Laticia Jackson
Olympian & Survivor of Domestic Violence
Rico Jacob Chace Speaker
Rico Jacob Chace
LGBTQIA+ and Black Rights Activist
Jason Wingard Speaker
Jason Wingard
Expert on Leadership Development, Professional Learning, and the Future of Work
Perrine Farque Speaker
Perrine Farque
Founder and Director of Inspired Human
Jeannine Carter Speaker
Jeannine Carter
Chief Innovator and Advisor, Delivering Happiness and internationally recognised expert on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)
Emil Wilbekin Speaker
Emil Wilbekin
Former Editor-at-Large at Essence
Karen Attiah Speaker
Karen Attiah
Opinion Columnist, Global Opinions Editor - The Washington Post
Mellody Hobson Speaker
Mellody Hobson
President of Ariel Investments & Chairman of DreamWorks Animation
Dr. Gleb Tsipursky Speaker
Dr. Gleb Tsipursky
Cognitive neuroscientist and behavioral economist specializing in risk management, strategic planning, disaster avoidance, and decision making
Heather E. McGowan Speaker
Heather E. McGowan Speaker
Heather E. McGowan
Future-of-work Strategist
Sam Gyimah Speaker
Sam Gyimah
Former Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation.
Richard Coles Speaker
Richard Coles
After-dinner Speaker; Priest, Broadcaster and former Communard