College & Campus speakers

Dr. Robert Plomin Speaker
Dr. Robert Plomin
Professor in Behavioural Genetics​ at KCL
Anne Applebaum Speaker
Anne Applebaum Speaker
Anne Applebaum
Expert on International Affairs and Foreign Policy
Roland Martin Speaker
Roland Martin
Award-Winning Journalist and Media Personality
Steve Thomas Speaker
Steve Thomas
Former Host of the PBS home renovation series, This Old House
Shaun Ross Speaker
Shaun Ross
Actor and Male Model
Lillian Pierson Speaker
Lillian Pierson
Data consultant to Fortune 500 companies
Charles Clarke Speaker
Charles Clarke
Former UK Home Secretary
Jeremy Hobson Speaker
Jeremy Hobson
Host, NPR's Midday News Magazine "Here & Now"
Francia Raisa Speaker
Francia Raisa
Film & TV Actress Best Known for "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" & "Grown-ish"
Samuel Woolley Speaker
Samuel Woolley
Writer, researcher and speaker who focuses on the study of disinformation, emergent technology and communication
Charlotte Clymer Speaker
Charlotte Clymer
Transgender woman & Former Press Secretary, The Human Rights Campaign
Mike Berners-Lee Speaker
Mike Berners-Lee Speaker
Mike Berners-Lee
Expert and author on climate change and sustainability
Linda Alvarado Speaker
Linda Alvarado
President and CEO of Alvarado Construction, Inc. and co-owner of the Colorado Rockies baseball team
Common Speaker
Academy Award-Winner and Author
Richard Kasperowski Speaker
Richard Kasperowski
Teaches Agile Software Development, Harvard University
Jamie Susskind Speaker
Jamie Susskind
Former Fellow of Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center
Jay Shetty Speaker
Jay Shetty
Award Winning Host, Storyteller and Viral Content Creator
Bethenny Frankel Speaker
Bethenny Frankel
Founder of Skinnygirl and Reality TV Star
Kelly Marie Tran Speaker
Kelly Marie Tran
Actress, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"
Brittany Packnett Speaker
Brittany Packnett
Black Lives Matter Activist