College & Campus speakers

Mike Isaac Speaker
Mike Isaac
Technology Journalist and Reporter for The New York Times
Michael Dubin Speaker
Michael Dubin
CEO & Co-Founder, Dollar Shave Club
Joann S. Lublin Speaker
Joann S. Lublin
Former Management News Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Toomas Ilves Speaker
Toomas Ilves
Former President of Estonia
Darnell Moore Speaker
Darnell Moore
Author, Leading commentator on social justice issues
Camille Fournier Speaker
Camille Fournier
Former Chief Technology Officer, Rent The Runway
Joel Salatin Speaker
Joel Salatin
Sustainability & Food Policy Expert
Leanne Benjamin Speaker
Leanne Benjamin
Former Principal Dancer, The Royal Ballet
Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Michal Kosinski, PhD Speaker
Michal Kosinski, PhD
Psychologist and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University
Versha Sharma Speaker
Versha Sharma
Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue, Award-winning Journalist & Speaker
Daryl Davis Speaker
Daryl Davis
Renowned Rock/Blues Musician
Cody Paige Speaker
Cody Paige
Director of the Space Exploration Initiative, MIT Media Lab
Paul Rosolie Speaker
Paul Rosolie
Naturalist, Explorer, Author & Award-winning Wildlife Filmmaker
Stella Assange Speaker
Stella Assange
Human Rights Lawyer and Activist
Kyle Scheele speaking
Kyle Scheele Speaker
Kyle Scheele
Creativity and Innovation Keynote Speaker. Champion of Crazy Ideas.
Kurt Warner Speaker
Kurt Warner
Super Bowl Champion, Philanthropist, and NFL Network analyst
Marc Brackett Speaker
Marc Brackett
Founding Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence; Lead Developer of RULER
Rob Jones Speaker
Rob Jones
Retired Marine Sergeant and Paralympic Bronze Medalist
Damon West Speaker
Damon West
From Prison to Inspirational Speaker, College Professor & Philanthropist